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Guide To Ultimate Freedom – Water Freedom System Review

Water is the basic necessity of life. With the increasing global warming, even the basic necessity of life is in danger. We need to take firm steps to cope with the crisis. What, according to you, is the ideal step in situations of a water shortage or crisis? Do you plan to leave your settlement and start afresh compromising everything? Or pay an excess to survive better. If you ask me, I will try to find a solution to the problem at hand. The Water Freedom System Review opens up ways to sort the water crises to suit the needs of the survival of the fittest.

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The Water Freedom System:

A DIY water generator, and that too portable, already opens up ample benefits and chalking all of them down in a list will not be easy. I will try mentioning a few of them, to begin with. 

  • Crisis management: The Water Freedom System is a blessing in drought-prone and/or desert areas. The days to depend on stored water is no more a compulsion with this solution. Over 16,000 families are benefitted by choosing this system.
  • DIY Generator: The book provides a one-click solution to build DIY water generator at home which can be utilized for more than a year without being dependent on external sources even in the time of water shortage crisis. Not just this, you can also help your neighbors at the time of crisis as you can fetch up to 60 gallons of water each day. This amount of water is usually enough for routine household chores. Additionally, you need not depend on tankers or municipal corporations for water supply.
  • Water bills waiver: You can reduce your water bills to almost 60-70%.
  • Anti-disinfectant system: The water obtained from the atmosphere is one of the purest forms devoid of bacteria, protozoans, or excess iron like in other sources of water (tap or pipeline).
Water Freedom System Review
Water Freedom System Review
  • Portability: The system is very handy and portable. The militaries of USA, UK, India, Israel, etc., carry the generator as they move from one place to another.
  • Hassle-free installation and use: One needs no expertise for the installation or use of Water Freedom System. The detailed manual is enough to get the process done.

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How To Build A Water Freedom System?

The water generator developed by Chris Burns and Philips absorbs the atmospheric moisture and cools it down. The cooled humid air is then filtered to give away freshwater. So, the Water Freedom System works on the principle of the condensation process. The prime focus of the Water Freedom System was to create a portable generator. Portability of the system made it an easy life savior to the militaries of India, USA, UK, and Israel.

The Water Freedom System is available in PDF format. The digital platform opens up the possibility to access the Water Freedom System from a laptop, computer, desktop, smartphone, etc. Following the detailed instructions provided in the PDF, one can install the generator in just one to three hours, depending on the experience you have on dealing with DIY projects.

The manual discusses the tools required and procedure to follow your very own DIY generator. It is thus very easy to install the generator without absolutely no external help and get fresh water all year long.

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Genius minds behind the success of the book:

A 57-year old farmer, Chris Burns, in Fresco city was robbed. The news grabbed a lot of attention as the crooks took away 600 gallons of water from the stored water of the old man. Fresco city was witnessing long periods of drought then. Chris burns and his family were left with no water in the drought season.

Not just them, this was the story of many people in Fresco where people realised the sheer value of every drop of water. Chris Burns decided to do something about the problem. He travelled to Georgia to meet his uncle, who was working on a small water generation system.

Phillips, uncle of Chris Burns was researching on generating water from the atmosphere. Incredible as it sounds, he applied science to develop his theory to put into practical use. He said he could generate drinking water from the air! 

Water Freedom System Review
Water Freedom System Review

Chris Burns saw it as an opportunity to minimise the hurdles of water and help his family. He was so impressed by the idea of his uncle that he voluntarily got involved in his uncle’s research.

Together they created a water generator that fetched them 20 gallons of clean water from the atmosphere each day! The whole idea, research and implementation of the same was so fascinating that both of them decided to help the people in need.

The generator that they created was only a part of the experiment and, thus, it was small. Chris Burns planned to build the same generator that can meet the demand of generating sufficient water to help those in need.

He is now known as the creator of the Water Freedom System Plans with the help of his uncle Phillips. For ease, Chris Burns developed the Water Freedom System and a whole lot of information is compiled in a digital PDF format.

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Glance over the two sides of a coin:


  • Easy and quick set up procedure following the detailed instruction manual.
  • User-friendly and cost-effective solution.
  • Life-saving option for the soldiers and the inhabitants of drought-prone areas.
  • Non-stop water supply with the press of a button.
  • Able to meet the daily needs of water for drinking, cooking, bathing, and washing.
  • A great option to wave off water bills
  • Handy and thus reliably portable water generator
  • Money-back guarantee if unable to meet your satisfaction
  • Free from bacteria and protozoa
  • Ultimate freedom to obtain fresh water every day


  • Hand manual is not available
  • Setting up is based on the instructions given. 
  • Even though the instructions are detailed, one needs to have the patience for the first-time installation.

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Inclusions in the Water Freedom System:

One can resolve everyday water issue by putting the water generator in use. The Water Freedom System is a tutorial which guides you efficiently to build the generator, tools that are required in the process of setting up, and any small information that is necessary to reach the ultimate goal.

The book has Water Freedom System blueprints, video tutorials, list of materials or tools required to build the DIY generator. Apart from all of these, you can also avail four other bonus guides as well as mentioned below:

  • Ultimate Greenhouse Guide: It enlists vegetation that can survive in water-scarce areas.
  • An essential guide to Bartering: The guide teaches you to prepare for emergencies. You can find out more about the storage of essential items and foods.
  • A complete guide on Paranoid Home Defense: This guide discusses the ways one can keep their family safe in crises from intruders or looters.
  • A survival guide on the aftermaths of a blackout: The guide contains tips and steps after a crisis has hit. 
Water Freedom System Review
Water Freedom System Review

Only years of research and experience can provide this whole lot of information. You get the crisis management package in the Water Freedom System.

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Availability and cost affairs:

More than 16,000 families have opted for the Water Freedom System to meet their daily life needs of water. The users content by the innovative way of tackling the water-deficit problem is remarkable. It is a great success to the genius Chris Burns and Philips. They now aim to reach a much wider audience to let everyone use the opportunity to resolve the water issues on their own following tiny bit of help from the guidelines of the Water Freedom System. We have also discussed the four other bonus guides that come handy with the package in this Water Freedom System Review.

Water Freedom System Review

If you are planning to buy this exciting package, you need not think twice. The portable water generator is a thorough guide that teaches you to survive water crises and methods to overcome the same. 

It costs just $39.04, which is less than a bottle of water in that year, and the whole comprehensive program is yours. However, with the tools and materials required for its set up may cost around $$$. If you have involved in other DIY projects in the past, then purchasing new materials or tools would not be necessary. Also, in case if you are not happy with the package, then you also get the option to return it as it comes with a money-back guarantee.

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Final Verdict: Water Freedom System Review

“Water water everywhere, not a drop to drink.” The saying goes well in areas which face droughts often or those areas which face water scarcity multiple times in a year.

Water Freedom System Review

The Water Freedom System by Chris Burns and Philips provides a complete guide based on their research to build a self-made portable water generator. This generator is many folds better than the commercial water generators at a price much lower than the latter.

It is a one-stop solution to manage water crises. The package includes guides that discuss the survival techniques and ways to face a crisis scenario. Only years of experience and ample research can be of help in extreme conditions which is well taken care of in the guides and tutorials.

I hope this Water Freedom System Review has been fruitful for you.

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