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Vibriance Reviews

Aging is a natural process of life, and lines and wrinkles cannot be avoided. As you age, your skin is bound to lose its elasticity. It will start sagging. You’ll get age spots and suffer from dry, itchy skin, wrinkles, and age-related skin conditions. That is normal, expected, and natural. But the airbrushed pictures that companies advertise using their products are misleading. It confuses people and makes them believe that a cream or a serum can magically erase years from one’s face. 

Vibriance Reviews

Lately, you must have heard of the “Positive Aging Movement.” This is a movement where older women are encouraged to embrace aging and accept their skin. It calls for a celebration and persuades you to love yourself. The secret is to be your authentic self and love your skin the way it is without chasing rainbows. However, this doesn’t mean you should give up caring for your skin.

Neither does it mean that you shouldn’t enjoy the benefits of breakthrough products that modern science offers. One such company encouraging women to embrace their authentic selves is Vibriance. Let’s understand more about the company and what they stand for in this Vibriance Reviews. 

About The Brand | Vibriance reviews

Vibrancy is a personal care company established in 2015 as a solution for 50+ women. While shopping with his wife, the founder, Michael Sampson, was shocked to see the money spent buying skincare products. He was even more surprised to see how there are targeted products for different age groups all promising the same thing. Talking to more women, he started seeing a pattern and their frustrations that it didn’t seem to have many results to talk about despite spending so much money on skincare products. 

Vibriance reviews

Deciding to do something about this, he consulted with chemists, beauty experts, and dermatologists. After extensive research for over 2 years, Vibriance was born. He decided to bring out products for women who wanted to embrace their authentic selves without needing to hide one’s age. The brand trademarked, patented, and then formulated its products using the best ingredients. Their products are easy to use as the brand does not believe in complicated skincare regimes. 

Vibrancy is a D2C (Direct-to-customer) personal care company with select products available for purchase on their website and on Amazon. They’re based out of Atlanta, Georgia, USA. They’re a proud made in USA company. Let’s dig in and analyze some of their products in detail in this Vibriance Review.

1. Vibriance Super C Penetrating Serum

By now, you must have heard about the goodness of vitamin C to your skin and health. Vibrant Super C Penetrating Serum is an all-in-one moisturizing serum. It is a serum that also acts as a moisturizer. With this product, you don’t need to use different products for the face, neck, and eyes. It is high in antioxidants, which help brighten the skin. Vitamin C is known to soothe skin inflammation and treat dark spots. It is highly hydrating, promotes collagen production, and can even out skin tone. 

Vibriance reviews

It reduces the appearance of wrinkles and lines and works on targeted age-spot. Many companies use water as their base ingredients in lotions and serums. However, this serum’s base ingredient is made from evaporated lemons. It is light to the skin and gets easily absorbed while giving maximum skin nourishment. The serum is cloudy once it’s pumped out into the palm. It is colorless and has a semi-thick gel-like texture. 

Here are details in brief about a few of the serums’ ingredients in this Vibriance Reviews. Vitamin E in the serum helps repair the skin damaged by free radicals. It calms the skin and leaves it hydrated while working on smoothening it. It is high in antioxidants that can help repair the skin by killing harmful free radicals. Hyaluronic Acid is an excellent source of hydration and moisturizer. It’s known for its skin-plumping properties and reduces the signs of wrinkles and lines. Regular use improves skin elasticity. It is anti-inflammatory by nature. It helps ease swelling in the skin and soothes skin redness. Caffeine is high in antioxidants. It soothes tired eyes and treats dark spots and under-eye circles.  

How to use:

  • Cleanse and tone face.
  • Take the required amount of serum into your palm. One or two pumps are sufficient.
  • Gently apply the product to the eyes, neck, and face.
  • Apply on exposed areas, too, if needed to fade dark spots. 
  • Apply moisturizer as needed.
  • Best to start using it at night.
Vibriance Super C Serum for Mature Skin, All-In-One Formula Hydrates, Firms, Lifts, Targets Age Spots, Wrinkles, and Smooths Skin, 1 fl oz (30 ml), Pack of 1
  • A TRUE MULTI-TASKER: One drop of Vibriance Super C Vitamin C Facial Serum nourishes your skin with a powerful dose of vitamins and nutrients. This multi-tasking serum combines several products into one, making you look and feel more vibrant than ever.
  • NOT JUST WATER: A quality face serum shouldn’t be watered down and should have highly concentrated ingredients. The base ingredient in Vibriance Super C Serum is made from evaporated lemons, while other brands base ingredient is simply tap water.
  • QUICK ABSORPTION: Vibriance Super C penetrating serum contains a unique active lock delivery system. This helps our active ingredients quickly penetrate your skin and remain within the top levels as a reservoir for maximum nourishment.


  • Works to make wrinkles smoother
  • Reduces age-spots and discoloration
  • Extremely hydrating
  • Rejuvenator for tired-looking eyes. 
  • Skin softening


  • It has many ingredients in the products, this ups the chances of an allergic reaction.
  • Expensive

2. Vibriance Moisturizing cream 

This moisturizing face cream nourishes and deeply moisturizes the skin. It locks in moisture to the skin by forming a barrier that protects. It uses trademarked ingredients and select essential oils. This moisturizing cream is formulated for dry skin, but its ingredients won’t leave your skin feeling oily. It contains superfood extracts and is designed for quick absorption into the skin. 

Vibriance reviews

This Vibriance Reviews will give insights into some of the ingredients used. Coconut oil is high in antioxidants and phytonutrients. It smoothens the skin and keeps it protected. Plantains Olive LD aids in quick absorption of the cream. It is non-greasy and applies evenly. It helps to smoothen skin and is a healthier alternative to silicone. Defensive soft is known for calming the skin and reducing skin inflammation and redness. This ingredient is extracted from an edible mushroom. Avocado oil makes the skin strong; it improves skin elasticity and is highly moisturizing. Above all, it is used widely in personal care products because it is high in Vitamins A, D, and E. 

This cream is good for dry skin and softens on application. Users report a healthy glow in the skin and have enough oil not to dry out. 

How to use:

  • Wash face
  • Apply the cream 
  • A small dot goes a long way, so use according.
  • You may use the serum under the cream or use the cream alone.
Vibriance Lightweight Face Moisturizing Cream, Hydrating and Fast-Absorbing, Gentle for All Skin Types, Non-Greasy Formula | 1.7 fl oz (50 ml)
  • LIGHTWEIGHT HYDRATION: Vibrance Moisturizing Face Cream is a nourishing moisturizer that forms a protective barrier over your skin to lock in moisture all day long. Apply this cream after application of Vibriance Super C Serum and shield your skin.
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Vibriance moisturizing cream is made with trademarked ingredients, superfood extracts, and carefully selected essential oils that won’t make your skin feel oily. This moisturizing cream for dry skin is made without parabens, sulfates, or artificial dyes.
  • QUICK ABSORPTION: Vibriance Moisturizing Cream is designed to absorb instantly into skin, moisturizing without weighing down. It’ll last all day, and it’s so lightweight, you’ll forget you put it on.


  • Smooths and softens skin
  • Decreases roughness
  • Absorbs quickly
  • Hydrates and moisturizes
  • No parabens, sulfates, or artificial dyes.


  • Oily skin type can end up looking greasy.

3. Vibriance age-defying body serum

This age-defying body serum is a skin rejuvenator. It is suitable for crepey and thin skin. It also promises to lift and firm, sagging skin. The Vibriance body serum is ideal for all skin types and retains moisture and hydrates the skin so that your skin stays supple, moisturized, and smooth all day long.

Vibriance reviews

The serum fights wrinkles, age-spots and smoothens the skin while promoting skin elasticity. As you age, your skin loses its elasticity. By boosting the skin’s elasticity, the skin is fighting skin aging.

Phytosphingosine SLC in the body serum acts as a skin protector. It comes with patented hydrating ingredients and diminishes wrinkles and age spots. Aquaaxyl is a patented plant-based ingredient that minimizes crepey skin and makes the skin smoother. Hyaluronic acid is deeply hydrating because it locks in moisture. It is known to plump your skin which gives your skin a smooth texture, and by plumping the skin, your lines and wrinkles appear diminished. Vonage works on age spots, minimizes pores, promotes skin firmness, and smoothens out wrinkles.

How to use:

  • On clean and dry skin
  • Massage a small amount onto the skin.
  • Use at night
  • Optional to use in the morning
  • Use lesser body serum than you would a lotion.
Vibriance Age Defying Body Serum for Healthy, Youthful Skin, Hydrating, Anti-Aging Skin Rejuvenation, Wrinkle and Crepe Corrector | 4.5 fl oz (133 ml)
  • SKIN REJUVENATION: Vibriance Age Defying Body Serum targets crepey, thin, rough, dry, sagging, and wrinkled skin. The key active ingredients in this body firming cream moisturize and hydrate your skin long after they’ve been absorbed.
  • HIGH-END INGREDIENTS: Not to be confused with a simple body lotion, Vibriance Age Defying Body Serum contains trademarked skincare ingredients usually reserved for premium face creams.
  • BEYOND MOISTURIZING: Other anti aging body lotions can make your skin feel softer and stronger, but the effects wear off. This body serum deeply hydrates, so your skin retains moisture and you can enjoy stronger skin all day long.


  • Fights skin aging
  • Paraben-free
  • No sulfates
  • No artificial dyes.


  • Pricey

4. Vibriance Sheer Zinc sunscreen

The Sheer Zinc Sunscreen is known to hydrate and moisturize the skin while protecting the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Shielding the face from sun damage prevents the early onset of wrinkles and age spots. Moreover, it protects the skin from skin cancer. Sunscreens often require chemical content to give premium protection against the sun. And most zinc-based sun protection leaves an undesired white cast and can cause sweating.

Vibriance reviews

Vibriance Sheer Zinc Sunscreen contains skin-friendly, and skin-nourishing Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) and is loaded with moisturizing ingredients. Niacinamide hydrates the skin, treats hyperpigmentation, smoothens skin, reduces enlarged and unsightly open pores, promotes skin elasticity, and calms redness and blotchiness in the skin. It also works on uneven skin tone and delays signs of aging in the skin. Zinc oxide protects the skin from UVA and UVB rays, while Hyaluronic acid rejuvenates skin, hydrates the skin, and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles by plumping the skin. 

How to use: 

  • Use before exposing the skin to the sun.
  • Cleanse and tone skin
  • Serum/moisturization first
  • Then apply the zinc-based sunscreen before applying makeup
  • Apply on exposed areas every day.
  • Reapply as needed
Vibriance Sheer Zinc Moisturizing Sunscreen, Skin Rejuvenation, Clear Sunscreen | Broad Spectrum SPF 50 | 1.7 fl oz (50 ml)
  • PROTECT AND HYDRATE: Vibriance Sheer Zinc Facial Sunscreen hydrates and moisturizes skin while providing broad spectrum SPF 50 protection. Prevent wrinkles and age spots while rejuvenating your skin with our sheer zinc sunscreen.
  • SUBTLE FOUNDATION EFFECT: This facial sunscreen offers a subtle foundation effect that blends in perfectly with all complexions. It can be used under makeup and it can be used without makeup for a dewy fresh-faced “no makeup” look.
  • QUALITY INGREDIENTS: The problem with most facial sunscreens is they either contain very harmful chemicals, or if they are zinc based, they leave behind a white cast. Our zinc sunscreen contains moisturizing ingredients and skin-nourishing Vitamin B3.


  • It doesn’t leave a white cast on the skin


  • The slight foundation tint it promises is not so subtle. 

5. Vibriance Moisturizing cleanser

The answer to baby soft, unblemished skin is a good cleanser. Our skin has so many impurities from makeup, environmental pollutants, and natural oil on the skin. The best investment for your skin is a good, gentle cleanser. Made with the best ingredients, Vibriance Hydrating skin cleanser leaves your skin renewed, smooth, and healthy. Containing organic extract, skin-enhancing vitamins, and amino acids, it cleanses the skin without stripping the skin of its natural oil. After using this gentle cleanser, your skin won’t feel tight, stretched, or dry. It has tangerine peel oil which gives the cleaner a pleasant citrus scent.

Vibriance reviews

The citrus extract in the cleanser brightens the skin and makes the skin glow. Soy extract has plenty of skin benefits and is commonly used in skincare products. It targets working on uneven skin tone, has anti-aging properties, and deeply moisturizes the skin. Cucumber extract has so much good for the skin. Because of its hydrating properties, it is beneficial for dry skin. It is also helpful for oily skin by acting like a cooling agent and a natural astringent. It soothes and calms the skin. Aloe Barbadensis is suitable for irritated skin. It is anti-inflammatory and rich in skin moisturizing properties.

How to use:

  • Moisten skin with water.
  • Take out cleanser into palm.
  • Massage into skin
  • Rinse off with water
Vibriance Ultra-Gentle Face Moisturizing and Refreshing Cleanser, Impurity and Makeup Remover | Sulfate-free, Paraben-free | 5.1 fl oz (150 ml)
  • A SAFER, GENTLER, CLEANSER: Enjoy beautifully refreshed skin with a daily cleanser made with the best ingredients. Vibriance hydrating skin cleanser gently removes dirt, makeup, and pollutants while leaving your skin feeling healthy and renewed.
  • PUREST INGREDIENTS: Unlike traditional cleansers, Vibriance Moisturizing Cleanser contains no sulfates, dyes, fragrances, or parabens. Our gentle skin cleanser contains a unique blend of organic extracts, amino acids, and 6 skin-enhancing vitamins.
  • HELPS RESTORE MOISTURE: Vibriance Moisturizing Cleanser contains hydrating ingredients so your face will not feel overly dry & tight immediately after cleansing.


  • No sulfates
  • Dye-free
  • Fragrance-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Effective cleanser


  • The smell of the cleanser is off-putting

Customer Review | Vibriance Reviews

“I started using this product about 2 weeks ago. I noticed a difference right away. In my attached photo (not too vain to show my face without makeup… haha), the left side is before, the bottom right was right after applying the serum, and the top right was recent. I see the difference. I ordered directly from the company but may consider ordering from Amazon in the future if the product consistency stays the same.” Ronda Jaramillo

“I applied a small amount of cream to my face at night. In the morning, I woke up. My skin feels extremely comfortable and smooth. I love this cream so much.” Richard

Vibriance reviews

“I use this serum every morning, and I can tell the difference in my skin. I started using this product just 10 days ago, and I was amazed at how quickly it started working. I have had compliments on how nice my skin looks. People have been surprised when I tell them how old I am. I am 80 years old.” Jenny Bishop

“Washing my face with this product made it feel soft and tingly. It was worth it!” Virginia Wallace

FAQ | Vibriance Reviews

Are Vibriance products cruelty-free?

Yes, they are cruelty-free, dermatologist reviewed, safe for all skin types, and paraben-free.

What is Vibrance’s target market?

Vibriance products are specially formulated to address the skin concerns of people over 50 years of age. 

Are Vibriance products organic?

Vibriance uses science-backed, natural ingredients which are safe for all skin types.

Are Vibriance products clean? 

No, but they don’t contain sulfates, dyes, fragrances, or parabens.

How soon can I expect to see the result in my skin?

Although users have reviewed their skin looking better within days of application, it is safest to use it for 4-12 weeks to see the optimal result. 

Cons of the products |

  • Review of a robust and off-putting smell in some of the products.
  • It contains many ingredients which increase side effects or allergic reactions.
  • Expensive

Conclusion | Vibriance Reviews

Before concluding, it is worth mentioning that every skin is different and responds differently to products. So what could be a wonder product might be a dud for another. Also, many people use skincare products that are not meant for their skin type. This causes skin problems. Now that is said and dealt with. It needs to be mentioned that Vibriance is a company started with good intentions by understanding the pain areas of mature women and addressing those concerns. 

AT Vibriance, it is understood that many products don’t necessarily equate to great, problem-free skin. What you put on your skin matters, not the cost or the number of products used in a skincare regime. Through this Vibriance Reviews, we have discussed a few products in-depth, and therefore we understand them better. The products are formulated using some great ingredients and some common ones. Its trademarked, patented, plant-based ingredients used in the products are what catch the attention. In our opinion, Vibriance is an excellent personal care brand, and it is worth buying its products if the price is not a concern.

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