Urban Doll Lashes VS Lashify | The Better Lash Extension Is?

Urban Doll Lashes VS Lashify
Urban Doll Lashes VS Lashify

Are you searching for the perfect lash extension system to make your eyes pop? Look no further than this comparison between Urban Doll Lashes vs Lashify. Both options promise long-lasting, voluminous lashes, but which one truly delivers the best results? With our in-depth examination of each product’s pros and cons, you’ll be able to make an informed decision on the ideal choice for your beauty routine.

Urban Doll Lashes VS Lashify

Information | Urban Doll Lashes VS Lashify

Urban Doll focuses on lash extensions and offers a broad range of designs and styles. These designs come in different sizes and lengths for almost every eye type. Urban Doll also offers lash bonding sealants and agents, removal serum, and tweezers or the Applicator.

Lashify offers its customers a variety of products, including the Gossamer lashes, pre-cleansing water, lash removers, lash bonds, finishing coats, sealers, and an LED infinity mirror. It also has other essential tools like lash combs, wands, and brushes.


A makeup look is created when you choose makeup products that complement your skin type and color. Concealers are an essential part of a makeup look, and you should choose the right concealer to achieve that flawless finish.

Although Kosas Concealer provides a smooth, creaseless finish and lasts long, it can be a bit pricey for some. However, you can still achieve the makeup look you desire.


The central part of the text discusses the results of a customer satisfaction survey regarding lash extensions. Many users say they are happy with the lash extensions, finding them much better than strip lashes.

However, some users found the application process to be hectic and time-consuming. People also said they received compliments for their lashes, as they mimic your lash line and give you a natural look.

Safety & Side Effects 

It is always possible to experience side effects when wearing lash extensions, regardless of the brand. Loss of lashes is the most common side effect during removal, but people may also experience fallout, redness, allergies, or other eye infections. Also, the glue or adhesive used in lash extensions can irritate the skin.

Evaluation of Pros and Cons

Urban Doll Lashes Pros:

  • They are made with hypoallergenic ingredients.
  • They are personally handcrafted.
  • They have a good waterproof quality.
  • The brand is cruelty-free.
  • They are suitable for sensitive eyes.


  • They might be difficult to apply for some people.
  • They might not last as long as 2 weeks for some people.
  • They might be more expensive than some other lashes on the market.

Lashify Pros:

  • Dozens of impressive lash designs and styles.
  • High-quality lashes made from vegan ingredients.
  • Cruelty-free brand.
  • Lashes are suitable for all eye types.
  • Lashify Kit is more affordable than eyelash extensions.


  • May be difficult to apply for beginners.
  • Reuse of lashes may result in decreased lifespan of the product.
  • Some people may be allergic to the materials used in the lashes.

Customer Feedback | Urban Doll lashes VS Lashify

Jenna C. commented on Lashify, “I Love them! I wish they could be made like plushies and thicker! It is a beautiful natural look for gingers (like myself). There are few products suited for redheads, but this is amazing!!”

Urban Doll Lashes VS Lashify

Amy P. said on Urban Doll, They look and feel very good. I don’t think I put them on the right way- I took them off after two days. But hey! They stayed on for one night, and I got to wear them to work 2x. So I was very impressed with that!

Kyla commented on Urban Doll, “Do not put the lashes on the water line. They were too close to my eyeball, making it uncomfortable to open my eyes. But I did them again, and they are fine. I get a lot of compliments on day 2 of the extensions!”

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FAQs | Urban Doll Lashes VS Lashify

Can you reuse Urban Doll Lashes?

You can wear them for up to 2 weeks straight, but they recommend removing them after 14 days for hygienic reasons.

Should I curl my lashes before using the lash extensions?

Curling straight lashes will give you a natural look so it is recommended for people with straight lashes.

Are lash extensions easy to apply?

After many tries, you can easily get salon-quality lashes with a quick application after many tries.

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In order to make your eyes stand out, you need to use the right products to make them shine. This report gives you a clear look at Urban Doll Lashes VS Lashify, so you can choose your favorite. Don’t wait until the trend goes out of style, pick the one that works for you at the best price!

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