TLM Color Changing Foundation Reviews – Hype Or Worth It?

TLM Color Changing Foundation Review

Are you looking for the best Foundation that suits your skin and is suitable for your skin color? We all know that Foundation is the crucial element of makeup, and we can’t compromise quality.

The most important thing before buying a foundation is to understand our skin type, whether our skin is oily, dry, or acne-prone. Please don’t fret; TLM has the best solution for all skin types. Moreover, their Colour changing formula is the best Foundation to date to sheer your makeup.

There are lots of makeup available in the market which confuse us to choose. So here we have TLM Color Changing Foundation Reviews to get a clear vision of this product and a reason to buy it. 

Nevertheless, we help you to get determined about the product which you are bringing. Let’s look further in TLM Color Changing Foundation Reviews for TLM color-changing Foundation products.

Best TLM Color Changing Foundation 

1. TLM Colour Changing Liquid Foundation Cream For Acne-Prone Skin 

This TLM foundation is designed mainly for regular use, much similar to a BB cream. Nevertheless, it is lightweight, has good absorption and height concealing coverage.

TLM flawless color changing foundation is a new foundation that has advanced technology of shade-sensing.

It goes on white but eventually gets the color of skin tone. It gets highly pigmented to cover acne and pore on your skin. Moreover saves skin from UV rays with SPF15, which could more.  

Overall it is perfect and comes in packs of 2 at an affordable price.  


  • Lightweight and fits the skin tone
  • Looks very natural for daily use 
  • Full coverage


  • Little expensive but perfect quality 
  • SPF sun protection is a little less and requires sunscreen or concealer over it.
  • Sometimes its pumps get destroyed due to overpressure on it by the thumb.

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2. TLM Colour Changing Foundation Liquid (30ML) For Oily And Normal Skin 

This Flawless liquid TLM Color Changing Foundation is the best lotion and whitening cream for warm skin types. For teenage women and girls, it is a perfect moisturizer that goes the same with skin tone.

It is applied, and it fades away, creating the nude base. This Foundation is particularly for oily and normal skin. You might get problems with dry skin like patches, dryness, and skin irritation.  


  • Foundation has easy absorption over skin without cracking.
  • It goes white and adjusts according to skin shade.
  • SPF 15 in this product protects your skin from UVA & UVB rays. 


  • Not suitable for extreme white skin, perfect for dark, fair, and medium skin type.
  • Coverage is a bit less as compared to other TLM products.
  • The pump of the bottle has a problem with it. If it is in the tube, it will be perfect. 

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3. TLM Flawless Colour Changing Foundation (Cream Base For Adult Skin)

Choosing the new revolutionary Foundation is a must; that is why TLM has launched this cream base Color Changing Foundation with SPF 50 and skin tone matching formula.

For adults, it is the best moisturizer a sunscreen, and a pre-base for a sunny day. Moreover, it provides a silky and clean finish with a lightweight. It completes absorption through the face without causing dryness or patches on the skin.

Cream bases are easy to absorb and apply. Plus, the exclusive shade can go with other foundations for heavier bases. Nevertheless, you can only use this Foundation as a transforming cream for an all-day natural look. It is perfect with high pigmentation.  


  • It gives your face a shiny look.
  • Changes color and matches your skin tone
  • Act as a perfect anti-aging cream


  • Create patches on dry skin 
  • It might cause mild irritation on the skin.
  • It needs time to blend.

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4. TLM Colour Changing Foundation (Liquid Base For Standard Combination Skin Type)

TLM Colour Changing Foundation Makeup for common skin type is the liquid base foundation, a unique formula for transforming white into skin tone.

The shade-sensing beads get activated when applied and absorbed in the skin and change their color according to skin tone. Moreover, it provides a natural-looking color and a perfect shade as per the skin tone.


  • Safe for all skin types
  • Contains SPF15 (sun protection shield)
  • It goes white but adjusts immediately. 


  • Limited application only
  • Opens pores
  • The pump and bottle quality is not too good.

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5. TLM Color Changing Foundation (Liquid Base For Adults Skin Type)

Suppose you are looking for a perfect Colour Changing Foundation for the adult skin type. In that case, this new liquid Foundation goes perfectly on adult skin. It goes white and instantly self-adjusts according to the skin tone. TLM’s unique color-matching formula protects and moisturizes the skin.

The SPF 50 in this Foundation protects the skin from harmful UV rays. Moreover, If you are looking for an affordable, fragrance-free, lightweight, high covering, and quickly absorbing formula. In that case, TLM is perfect for you.  


  • Lightweight and easy to carry on adult skin
  • Perfect for the sensitive skin type of adults
  • It matches the tone perfectly.


  • It seems like more or whitening lotion or type of BB cream
  • Coverage is a bit less than other products
  • There might be a problem in blending  

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6. TLM Colour Changing Foundation (For Sensitive Skin Type)

A flawless colour-changing foundation is an innovative modish liquid foundation that spontaneously and automatically adapts to your exact skin tone. 

The exclusive technology includes clay-sensitive pearls, which are encapsulated pigments that ensure the perfect conversion of clay into bristles. 

The makeup brush is made of high-quality synthetic fiber that is very soft and dense, does not dust off, does not damage the skin, and is also suitable for sensitive skin types. This color-changing foundation moisturizer is best to use before three years.


  • This foundation is very lightweight and convenient.
  • It is suitable for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin.
  • It is a multi-purpose foundation; it works as a moisturizer as well as a sun protection cream. 


  • This color-changing foundation may turn patchy on dry skins after a few hours.
  • It may not provide full coverage.
  • It does not suit dry and broken skin types.

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7. 2PCS Flawless Colour Changing Warm Skin Tone Foundation

This liquid Foundation includes ingredients that brighten, moisturize, and radiate up the skin. It matches your skin tone, allowing your skin to glow during the day, hiding fine lines and wrinkles without wrinkling, cracking, thickening, and making bare skin shine. 

The foundation provides adequate coverage and carries SPF 15, protecting your skin from dangerous UVA and UVB rays. 

The unique direction may preserve and moisturize the skin, make the skin tone even, and the essential liquid foundation can hide dark circles and reduce pores. 

This lightweight foundation specially developed for daily use gives the face a silky radiance. It perfectly matches your skin tone and texture, bringing real skin effects. In addition, this foundation provides perfect seamless coverage and a super smooth result.


  • It has a perfect texture for blending on any skin type.
  • It gives maximum coverage.
  • It spreads evenly and covers blemishes.


  • This foundation may start creasing on dry skins.
  • It may not work well if you have a patchy skin type.
  • This foundation can not cover all makeup looks.

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8. 3 Pcs TLM Concealer Cover Cream, Flawless Colour Changing Foundation Makeup

This foundation contains SPF 15 sunscreen to protect your skin from dangerous UVA and UVB rays. Specially formulated for regular use, it can give your skin a smooth glow that other products can’t match. 

It is light in texture and can be quickly absorbed by the skin without drying out or sticking. This unparalleled color-matching formula guards and moisturizes the skin, and makes the skin tone even. 

Since the skin completely absorbs makeup, it will intuitively transform into your skin tone. Natural color, impeccable concealer all day long. 

The flawless color-changing foundation is an innovative new liquid foundation that spontaneously brightens and automatically adapts to your exact skin coloration. 

They provide a complete 100% satisfaction guaranteed refund. You have to return it within 90 days, and they refund your money without any doubt.


  • It adjusts every skin type and provides the perfect finish to every look.
  • It offers complete and maximum coverage.
  • It hydrates the skin and evenly spreads at the blemishes.


  • It may not work on dehydrated skins.
  • It found that you may work more like a moisturizer than a foundation product.
  • If exposed to the sun for long hours, then it may harm your skin

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Customer Reviews 

TLM Color Changing Foundation Review

Users of TLM believe that its Foundation is perfect for all skin types, with high coverage and benefits of the betterment of complexion. One can wear less foundation base to look much better. Hence less base is required for the best look. It is practical, and small quantities can get used in the long term. 

Customers also say that this Foundation is better for a natural look, not for heavy makeup. It has a light impact but is long-lasting, perfect for a full day. Nevertheless, as a user, you might sometimes face that it does not smudge properly.

It creates a bad look but is more suitable for oily skin or well-moisturized skin. So it is suggested by most of the users to apply primer or moisturize skin before applying this powder-based Foundation. It will give you a better look; you can try both and see the difference yourself.  

Even it helps in improving complexion day by day naturally. As it controls tanning and harmful sun rays, TLM products are a fantastic sub-block, with SPF15 to SPF50. 

The best part of TLM Color Changing Foundation is that it comes absolutely at an affordable price. Without thinking for a second, looking for the best Foundation for sensitive skin, go only for TLM sensitive skin foundation.

Moreover, you can use TLM foundation as a pre-foundation on heavy makeup, which is a great advantage for most makeup artists and specialists. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – TLM Color Changing Foundation Reviews

1- Does The TLM Foundation Work?

TLM Foundation has worked for most of its users. Honestly, the TLM Color-changing Foundation works better on motorized and oily skin. It is better for blending the Foundation effortlessly; most customers who don’t use pre-moisturizer or primer before applying face difficulty blending the base. Sometimes, it even leaves patches if you do not blend properly. Otherwise, TLM foundations are a great foundation.

2- What Is The Best Color-Changing Foundation?

Suppose you are looking for flawless revolutionary color-changing foundations. In that case, TLM Foundation is the new liquid and cream formula that goes perfectly with your skin tone and skin type. It instantly adjusts with your skin and results in the exact match of your color. Moreover, it works best and blends best with moisturizer to give better complexion results.

3- Is The TLM foundation Legit?

TLM Color Changing Foundation is a protective, skin type, legit FoundationFoundation at an affordable price. It helps cover numerous skin problems, Clogging open pores, hiding spots, and beautifying skin tone. It is a very light and long-lasting formula that is just the perfect makeup tool.

Conclusion – TLM Color Changing Foundation Reviews

TLM Color Changing Foundation Review

Finally, now your struggle would be over finding the supreme quality, long-lasting, and high coverage foundation, which is perfect for all skin types by reading our TLM Color Changing Foundation Review .

TLM Color Changing Foundation is the choice of most makeup specialists. Nevertheless, you can also use this for the light base as a bb cream or pre-base for heavy makeup.  

I hope this TLM Color Changing Foundation Reviews would have been fruitful for you. If you have any other queries, you can ask in our comment section.

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