Tan Towel Reviews | True to Its Claims?

Boasting the best type of application-based tanning products, Tan Towel is a big believer in easy ways to healthy skin. Tan towel was one of the first companies to patent ten towelettes. This would help thousands of happy customers get the kind of tan they want.

Unfortunately, anyone who has a professional tan knows it is time-consuming and expensive. Tan Towel reviews tell you that you have a great alternative without exposing your skin to UVA and UVB rays that do more harm to you than good.

Tan Towel Reviews

Tan Towel believes in the variety of their products, but with the goodness of nature. The products are created with a unique formula that catered to all skin types’ needs. Every towelette they provide comes with a combination of protein and amino acid that helps keep the tan for longer.

In addition, the products contain moisturizers, self-tanners, and exfoliating agents that keep the skin healthy. The tanners from Tan Towel are created for different skin types and shades – radiant sun-kissed, deep-golden, wheatish to light.

1. Tan Towel Body Tan Towelettes – Full Body Classic 5 Pack

The most popular and effective product from Tan Towel is the Body Tan Classic pack. Effective for medium and light skin tones, these body tan towels provide a sunless tan in very little time. If you are going for a smooth tan with no streaks and is easy to use – Body Tan towelettes classic is the thing to use. These are not just tan towels. They are made with a water-based formula that exfoliates and moisturizes your skin after use.

Tan Towel Reviews

Users who have left Tan Towel reviews believe that the product is the best idea to get a great tan in a hurry. The towels take 2-4 hours to work on your whole skin, but the tan lasts up to a week. So if you are willing to get a natural sunless tan, there is nothing better than this product!


  • High-quality product, pre-immersed in a liquid-based tanning solution
  • Does not use artificial dyes or stains
  • Color stays on without rubbing off on clothes
  • Easy to use anywhere at any time


  • Hands should be washed clearly after using the towels, as the solution could be harmful
  • Might cause rashes if used on extra-sensitive skin

How to use?

  • Dry your skin thoroughly.
  • Unfold the towelette and apply it to your skin in circular motions.
  • Apply the towelette throughout your body to get a uniform tan.
  • See results on your skin in two to four hours.
  • Avoid using water on the skin after applying the towelettes.

Why use it?

The Tan Towel Body tan is a unique product that assures a smooth, clear tan. Because this is a towel-based liquid, ensuring that your skin is getting enough of the tan. You can use a pack of the tanning towel not only to get the perfect tan. This will moisturize your skin, giving it a soft and smooth look for a long time. This can be customized according to your skin tone, so you choose what you need for yourself.

2. Tan Towel Face Tan Towelettes -1.15 lb

Using a tan towel on your body is be an easy task. However, several Tan Towel reviews from customers say that the same thing should not be used on the face. It is a fact that your face is more sensitive than the rest of your body. So, it deserves special care. Keeping this in mind, the company created their specialized Tan Towel, Face Tan. This product is best suited for medium skin tones. This product has the same features as the full-body tan but is softer in texture.

Tan Towel Reviews

It has to be a very delicate process when you are tanning your face. This is why your face tanning solution must do more than one thing. The Tan Towel reviews say that their face tanner is not your ordinary tan towelette. Instead, it is a specially made product with additional moisturizers and exfoliating ingredients. So one application of this towel on your face can do the work of three things, plus give you that radiant tan you need.

Tan Towel Self Tan Towelette Classic 10 Count
  • Exfoliate, Tan and moisturize all in one
  • Classic Size
  • 10 Towels Included


  • One product functions as three: Moisturiser, tanner, and exfoliator
  • Does not take too much time to get the color
  • Hassle-free; can be used anywhere, on the go


  • Might have an odd smell on first use
  • Could cause a rash with any underlying skin condition

How to use?

  • Wash your face with a facewash of choice; use a toner that will clear your skin properly
  • Use the towelette in circular motions, similar to wiping your face
  • Cover all the sides and contours of your face so that there are no parts left out
  • Leave the product on for a few hours to get the best color.

Why use it?

When you think of buying this product, remember the multitasking feature that it comes with. Tan Towel reviews mention that the face tanner also works as an anti-aging solution. It works on visible aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines. The moisturizing effect is another advantage.

If you are looking into a well-rounded skincare product that promises you clean and healthy skin, the Fan Tan Towel might be the thing to add to your shelf. If you wonder whether Tan Towel makes anything other than tanners, the answer is… Yes! Their main product range specializes in tan towelettes and application-based tanners. They have a few other skincare products worth checking out.

3. Tan Towel ‘s On The Glow Moisturizer

The changing weather around you can permanently affect your skin. This is why having a good moisturizer is very important. The product has been made to work as a sunscreen and anti-aging agent simultaneously.

Tan Towel Reviews

People who have used this product have left Tan Towel reviews saying that this cream has made their skin healthier and more radiant. The Tan Towel On The Glow moisturizer has retinol and oil extracts that work on visible signs of aging.

Tan Towel On The Glow Body Moisturizer, 8 Fl Oz
  • Daily moisturizer ideal for a healthy and natural glow
  • On The Glow contains Jojoba, Avocado and Olive Oil to help hydrate and moisturize the skin
  • Contains no stains or dyes


  • Easy to apply and ready to go
  • Works as an excellent moisturizer on dry skin
  • Can be used as an anti-aging cream
  • A high content of Vitamin A because of the retinol


  • Might cause a burning sensation
  • Has to be checked for an allergy

How to use?

The On the Glow product can be used as your average sunscreen and moisturizer. First, clean your face with a wash and toner as you seem fit. Then, apply a tiny amount on your hand and apply it to your face. It is good to use it before going outdoors or after a long day. It helps keep your face hydrated and healthy.

Why use it?

Everyone should have a chance to get glowing, healthy skin throughout the day. Using the On The Glow moisturizer can be the one-stop solution to your skincare routine every day. Tan Towel reviews mention that this moisturizer has worked out for them in more ways than one. On the one hand, it works as a regular moisturizer. This also works like an anti-aging cream that can reduce your visible aging signs with long-term use.

4. Tan Towel Instant Glow Lotion

As the name suggests, the Tan Towel Instant Glow lotion was created to make your clear, radiant skin more radiant. Used as a body lotion or face lotion, this is one of the finest organic-based products from Tan Towel. Several Tan Towel reviews online talk about the organic products helping with their skincare.

Tan Towel Reviews

Rich in antioxidants from organic extracts, the Tan Towel Instant Glow Lotions live up to its name. Once you apply this, it will not take too long before you feel your skin getting more fresh and clean. The extracts help to give you a flawless look and clear out the dust that settles on your skin throughout the day. The cream also has a tinted texture that works excellent on mid-tone skin. This helps to give a healthy sun-kissed glow.


  • Rich in antioxidants helping to keep the skin healthy
    It- Easy to use and can be carried around
  • Safe to use in the sun
  • Does the job of a cleanser but as a lotion


  • Might irritate when applied on dehydrated skin
  • Should be stopped when it causes a burning sensation

How to use?

Use the lotion while you freshen up in the morning or once you have cleaned up after getting home. Use a small amount and spread it evenly on your neck and face. Allow the lotion to dry, which helps to give a flawless look to your skin.

Why use it?

There are several lotions to choose from when making up a skincare routine. However, the Tan Towel Instant glow lotion can help you clean your face and keep it hydrated when you use it. Make sure you combine it with a good cleanser and toner to get the best results out of this. Use it for yourself or gift it to a friend as an addition to their cosmetic shelf.

Customer Reviews | Tan Towel Reviews

There are a lot of Tan Towel reviews that talk about how unique the brand is. If you go on Amazon while looking through the products, both the tanning and the skincare products speak about the long-term benefits.

Tan Towel Reviews

Karen says, “I have been a TanTowel user for several years. I saw this was a new product to me. I use the moisturizer daily, but this had the added retinol. So I am applying this product each night to add more vitamin A to the skin. I wear no make-up except Tan Towel.”

On the full-body tanner, Michala said, “Undoubtedly, the BEST self-tanner I’ve ever used. I like to use one towelette for both arms, shoulders, and chest and another one for both legs.”

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FAQs | Tan Towel Reviews

Where is Tan Towel based?

Tan Towel Inc. from the USA creates tan Towel products.

Can Tan Towel products cause burns?

Tan Towels usually use a shallow content of chemicals. So there is less chance of having burns, let alone chemical burns from the tan towelettes. However, in their Tan Towel reviews, some users have mentioned that the product causes a burning sensation on sensitive skin.

Can Tan Towel reviews be trusted online?

Most of the reviews that Amazon customers leave are authentic. Therefore, when a product has a good rating on average, the reviews can be trusted.

Where can I buy Tan Towel products?

Tan Towel has an excellent user-friendly website where they take direct orders. However, to avail of these products quickly, it is better to buy them from Amazon. All the products from Tan Towel are directly shipped through Amazon, and all orders can be placed there.

Conclusion | Tan Towel Reviews

Most Tan Towel products use the mildest ingredients to ensure a healthy tanning experience. Their uniqueness lies in that you do not have to spend hours and a fortune to get a smooth tan on a machine. You are not exposed to any radiation that may harm you in the long run. The whole process is easy and seamless, with a waiting time of just 2- hours. And the result stays with you for a week.

So the next time you are thinking of getting a nice, smooth tan, you might consider getting a self-tan in the comfort of your home. Tan Towel has brought you a non-messy, easy solution to get a great tan that stays longer and keeps your skin healthier.

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