Tammy Fender Reviews | Is It Best For You So Far?

Tammy Fender Reviews

How do we wake up in the morning? Having a fear of looking into the mirror and being welcomed by a tiny weenie terrible pimple. That’s when the skincare regime disengages us from the downfall. Skin loses its freshness and texture due to everyday dirt, stress, and pollution. Have you ever wondered what it would be like if no water was poured or no sunshine shown to plants??

Yes! They would dry and fall out. Much to our concern, skin needs to be taken care of at an early age to reach old age beautifully.

Tammy Fender Reviews

Feeling comfortable in natural skin is the most beautiful experience in the world. Tammy fender products have satisfied the clients’ requirements and managed to win over our hearts. The natural organic plant extracts have been on our granny’s list since the age of evolution. We have been blessed with a nature that has faithfully cured almost every disease and disorder. With some genuine Tammy Fender reviews, this article details its products to see what is held therein. 

Cleansers, tonics, exfoliants, masks, serum, and moisturizers are intrinsically blended with aloe leaf, apricot oil, avocado oil, carrot seed, grapefruit, and many more essential components to provide the perfect food for our skin. As the saying goes, “All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today,” so gear up and kick start the day cause Tammy fender has all the exciting products to turn our expectations into reality!!!

About the Brand | Tammy Fender Reviews

When beauty meets skincare, the Tammy fender clicks to the mind. Tammy founded this brand because of her interest in the plant kingdom and started making her botanical formulas to experiment with clients. To her surprise, Tammy’s formulations received inundated success. As a result, her products gained a lot of eminence among celebrities and the whole world.

Tammy Fender Reviews

Tammy’s products are all made by natural plant remedies which are incredibly attractive and super-rich in hydrating components. In addition, the products are carefully designed in glass bottles giving a glossy finish.

The products do not use parabens, petrochemicals, artificial colors, or fragrances. The main ingredients primarily used in the products are Aloe Leaf juice, which is mainly added for hydration and vitamins, including amino acids and beta carotene. The apricot oil helps in protecting the sky from free radicals. The Bois de Rose is a fantastic remedy for regenerating the properties and healing scars and marks.

1. Tammy Fender Natural Plant Milk Serum

Tammy is known for her awarding holistic skincare collection. Her vast knowledge of plant remedies and traditional healing modalities and such effective products is Natural Plant Milk Serum. Tammy Fender formulated the Milk Serum using potent plant extracts such as white Lily, Mountain Arnica, and Milk Thistle.

Tammy Fender Reviews

It is made keeping in mind the sensitivity of the different skin types; it’s a milky emulsion herbal / botanical extract, the highly effective formula of day, aggravated skin, and very beneficial for all skin types with sensitive inflamed, a bit stretching damaged skin. 

It’s formulated using the seeds, roots, leaves, petals, and fruits of precious and traditional plant remedies such as white lily arnica mont. The uniquely natural milk serum is effectively nurturing, soothing and hydrating. Irritation and redness are calmed and protect the skin from the impurities that get added to the environment daily.

Tammy Fender - Natural Plant Milk Serum | Clean, Non-Toxic, Plant-Based Skincare (1 oz)
  • Nutritive, Complete + Balanced, Plant Milk Is A Unique, Milky Emulsion Of Botanical Extracts, Created To Nurture + Soothe Delicate And Sensitive Skin With A Wealth Of Remedies Revered For Their Ability To Calm Irritation + Redness
  • As A Whole-Plant Formulation, It Utilizes The Seed, Root, Leaf, Petal + Fruit Of Precious + Potent Traditional Plant Remedies Such As White Lily, Mountain Arnica And Milk Thistle - This Silky Serum Is A Versatile Day Treatment To Wear Under A Favorite Cream Or On Its Own, Imparting A Dewy Sheen To The Skin
  • Paraben-Free, Sulfate-Free, Cruelty-Free

Pros :

  • Thin consistency of the serum
  • Absorbs quickly in the skin.
  • Boosts hydration.

Cons :

  • Patch test is necessary
  • May cause irritation

How to Use?

It can be used with moisturizer, but in itself, it’s a complete package. It can be used before applying foundation also.

2. Tammy Fender Natural Cleansing Milk

Looking young, having a flawless radiance with acuteness of a fresh face is a dream to men and women alike, almost everyone is earnestly desirous, but one of the reasons why people used to take aback was the idea that natural beauty can not be attained by merely applying only the synthetic chemicals and later one has to bear its burns.

Tammy Fender Reviews

This natural, lightweight facial cleansing milk swipes away dirt and impurities to help plump the skin. It is suitable for dry or sensitive skin and applicable for all skin types. 

Lavender and chamomile flower water soothes and detoxifies the skin reduces redness and blemishes. Citrus oil, grapefruit peel oil with carrot seed extract provides a lightweight creamy formulation making skin super soft and youthful. The ingredients provide spa-like skin comfort within reach of our house.

TAMMY FENDER - Natural Cleansing Milk | Clean, Non-Toxic, Plant-Based Skincare (6 oz | 178 g)
  • Lightly Creamy, This Gentle, Natural Facial Cleanser Whisks Away Impurities, Leaving The Complexion Soft + Radiant
  • Specially Formulated For Dry Or Sensitive Skin, And Beneficial For All Skin Types, It Blends Soothing Lavender With Purifying Fo-Ti
  • Paraben-Free, Sulfate-Free, Cruelty-Free

 Pros :

  • Easy application 
  • Gentle to the skin
  • Blends out uniformly and distributed
  • Homogenous

Cons :

  • Not recommended for oily skin.
  • Traces of makeup are not wiped off completely.

 How to apply?

Apply to a face or neck in a gentle circular motion every morning and evening. Repeat it after removing makeup.

3. Tammy Fender Natural Awakening Eye Gel

Tired eyes and baggy eye bags?? ? Not anymore!! Tammy fender eye gel helps eradicate dull and dead tissues under the eyes. It’s suitable for dry and sensitive skin. It rejuvenates skin tissues and brightens under the eye. It can be layered under moisturizer or serum or worn alone. It is a blend of plant constituents. It helps in lymphatic system activation and fluid circulation.

Tammy Fender Reviews

Tocopherol helps reduce the appearance of dark circles and lines. It reduces puffiness around the eyes and provides anti-aging benefits. Rosemary, Avocado oil, and cucumber fruit water minimizes inflammation and protects the skin. 

Sodium hyaluronate brightens the skin by supplying hydration, giving a radiant under-eye glow. It helps mask dark circles under the eye. It can be layered before concealer application. It has moisture-locking properties. Sunflower seed oil helps soothe skin and protect from environmental stress. It brightens dark spots on the skin with high vitamin E content. It helps reduce aging. It has a skin-brightening quality.

Tammy Fender - Natural Awakening Eye Gel | Clean, Non-Toxic, Plant-Based Skincare (.5 oz | 15 g)
  • An Ultra-Nourishing Eye Cream To Support The Most Delicate Skin Tissues, Blended With An Array Of Ancient Plant Remedies
  • This Hydrating Formula Is Designed To Soothe + Quench Tired Eyes - Light & Silky Enough To Wear Layered Under A Favorite Moisturizer Or Serum, Or To Wear Alone
  • Paraben-Free, Sulfate-Free, Cruelty-Free

Pros : 

  • Tocopherol provide antioxidant properties 
  • Overcomes hyperpigmentation. 
  • Overcomes dark circles

Cons :

  • Under-eye circles skin sensitivity. 
  • Prevent contact with the eye lens. 
  • skin irritation.

How to use it?

With the fingertips, apply a tiny amount of eye gel around the eye area, covering the eye’s outer and inner corners.

4. Tammy Fender- Natural Clarifying Derma Gel 

Flawless, radiant, smooth, and acne face skin has always been a dream, demand, craving, and aspiration of almost every individual, especially for the “women”!!! Unfortunately, the dermal problems keep coming like a nightmare and haunt us now and then. It was a concern. Still, from now onwards, Tammy Fender has come up with a magical remedy, i.eTammy Fender Natural clarifying Derma Gel treatment.

Tammy Fender Reviews

It treats the blemish-prone skin naturally and provides clear skin, which everyone aspires for. It is a lightweight gel formula that is easy to apply. It applies to all skin types. 

It includes herbs and medically necessary components known for their antiseptic properties. Tea tree is widely known for acne-prone oily skin, which manages inflammation. It reduces acne scars. It has antimicrobial properties.

Thyme oil stimulates blood flow and boosts overall skin health. Scar tissues and wound injuries may fade away with plant-based extracts. Myrrh oil reduces itchiness and eczema. It cleans, moisturizes, and tightens skin. It boosts skin collagen formation and prevents wrinkle formation.

TAMMY FENDER - Natural Clarifying Dermagel Acne Treatment | Clean, Non-Toxic, Plant-Based Skincare (0.5 oz | 15 g)
  • An Innovative Lightweight Gel To Help Treat Blemish-Prone Complexions Naturally, With Herbal Remedies Including Thyme, Tea Tree, Myrrh, + Aloe, To Hydrate + Maintain Balance.
  • When Experiencing Breakouts, Clarifying Dermagel Won’t Over-Strip Or Aggravate The Condition By Removing The Skin’s Precious Natural Oils.
  • Use To Treat Ingrown Hairs, Insect Bites + After Waxing, Too!

Pros :

  • hydrates the skin.
  • prevents skin breakouts
  • easy application

Cons :

  • expensive 
  • patch test is required
  • skin rash or irritation

How to use it?

Apply a small amount over affected areas every morning and evening as needed. Avoid the eye area.

5. Tammy Fender Natural Bulgarian Rose Water Toner

It brightens the complexion with skin cells rejuvenation. The rose water toner is made of floral petals providing a silk-smooth base. It can be layered underneath serums and favorite moisturizers. It helps regain depleted dead skin cells.

Tammy Fender Reviews

Rose flower water has always been a part of beauty products. It reduces blemishes and scars and brightens the skin. The antibacterial properties reduce acne and promote clearer skin. In addition, it acts as an antioxidant and anti-aging substance. Coconut fruit extract has a moisturizing effect and prevents water loss. It works on all skin kinds and seasons. It is highly nourishing and hydrating to the skin.

Tammy Fender - Natural Bulgarian Rose Water Toner | Clean, Non-Toxic, Plant-Based Skincare (6 oz | 178 g)
  • Bulgarian Rose Water Reawakens The Complexion With Pure Rejuvenation - This Floral Tonic Is Made With Precious Essence Of Rose - Long Revered For Its Capacity To Restore Depleted Skin
  • Especially Loved By Dehydrated, Sensitive, Imbalanced Or Mature Skin, This Formula Benefits All Skin Types
  • Paraben-Free, Sulfate-Free, Cruelty-Free


  • Easy application using cotton pads.
  • Restores skin.
  • Detoxify and clears the skin.
  • Revives complexion.


  • Patch test is necessary.
  • It may increase the dryness of the skin.
  • Skin irritation.

Customer Reviews | Tammy Fender Reviews

About Tammy Fender Natural Plant Milk Serum: The most skin-soothing substance I know of….It all adds up to a fluid that feels like a balm. It puts a soft little cushion shield between your skin and the world. By coddling skin with this supremely calming milk, you get happy skin with a potentially even happier future.”

Tammy Fender Reviews

About Tammy Fender Natural Cleansing Milk: “Love the lavender smell. It’s not too strong and gentle on my skin. Every time I use it, my skin feels so soft. I wouldn’t recommend it for solely taking off makeup, though, but all around a great facial cleanser”!

About Tammy Fender Natural Awakening Eye Gel: “I cannot live without this eye cream! I had been using one that could only be purchased from a plastic surgeon – which was extremely inconvenient. I took a chance on this cream, and it is now my favorite: )”

About Tammy Fender Natural Clarifying Dermagel Acne Treatment: “I was expecting this product to be drying and harsh, but it’s very gentle and has a calming hydrating effect because it contains aloe. It helps with my adult acne without stripping the skin. Also is effective for mild rashes and other irritations. It does not work quickly but remains effective. I would recommend it for all types of skin, even dry skin.”

About Tammy Fender Natural Bulgarian Rose Water Toner: “I am enjoying my Bulgarian Rose Water. I use it as a toner in the morning, and my face feels clean and fresh. Also, my face doesn’t feel overly tight with some toners I have used before. I would highly recommend this product to others”.

FAQs | Tammy Fender Reviews

Which day cream should I choose, and which is better for the night?

Tammy’s holistic products are designed in such a manner that overall balances the skin, which can benefit you in the morning or evening by using our creams. Antioxidant cream, for example, has an uplifting effect that makes it suitable for morning time and Intensive Repair Balm consisting of soothing helichrysum, which brings calmness in the evening.

Are your formulas cruelty-free? Are they gluten-free?

Yes, all the formulas are cruelty-free and gluten-free.

When do I apply sunscreen, before or after my moisturizer?

Apply sunscreen after your moisturizer as the last step of your daily morning skincare routine.

Do all-natural skincare products work?

Ans: It generally varies from person to person. It depends upon the adaptation of the skin. What we put on our skin is just as crucial as what we eat.

Conclusion | Tammy Fender Reviews

It’s time to end the Tammy Fender Reviews finally. Tammy Fender mixes the most delicate organic extracts in gentle formulas that nourish and care for the skin. It provides natural, plant-based luxury skincare that provides skin homogeneity. The formula stays true to the skin, and the products are friendly. 

The brand has worked harder to prioritize the customers’ suggestions. The products are carefully designed to keep a general skin texture. The brand has expanded from high-quality exfoliants and serums to skin polish moisturizers that provide skin hydration combined with organic plant ingredients. Tammy fender works in synchronous fashion coping with the fast pace trends and putting the best use of nature’s ingredients to address human skin.

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