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Hair brushes have been around for a long time, and there is no denying their place in the hair care sector. From young women in Hollywood movies using it as an impromptu microphone to sharing secrets while doing each other’s hair. Young women worldwide have used the hairbrush, and it has been a trusted companion to many people for decades. It can be used during blow-drying or to brush your hair out. Like everything else, we have seen it evolve into a sleeker version of itself, offering hair straightening and brushing benefits simultaneously. That is why we have come up with Soleil Hair Tools Mini Heat Brush Reviews today since this product has been the talk of the town recently.

Soleil Hair Tools Mini Heat Brush reviews

What does this mean? When we think of hair straightening tools, we think of hair straighteners or blow dryers. But the innovation of hair brushes such as Soleil Mini Heat Brush has combined the use of hair brush and hair straightening tools into one. This makes doing hair a more effortless and time-saving process. Read this Soleil Mini Heat Brush Reviews for further information about the brand.

About the brand | Soleil Hair Tools Mini Heat Brush reviews

Soleil was created by professionals committed to designing and manufacturing top-quality hair styling tools. As professionals in the industry, they have their fingers in the pulse and know what people crave. In this rapidly shifting market, keeping a finger on the emerging trends and meeting those challenges with the best tools is what Soleil is synonymous with. Its mission is to provide its customers with the most professional and advanced tool to help you put your best foot forward for any occasion. Their tools are not limited to saloons or professionals, but they place them in your lap to be used in the comfort of your home. 

Soleil has achieved success since its launch, and they are so confident in their products that they offer a lifetime warranty on all their hair tools. They are headquartered in California and have a range of products from flat irons, curling irons, styling brushes, blow dryers, and some hair care products. Their products are cutting edge, using the latest technology that promises to keep your hair protected as you Style them.

Soleil Hair Tools Mini Heat Brush reviews

For their curling iron product range, they offer 13mm curling iron, 19 mm, 25 mm, 32 mm, 2p curling iron set, 4p curling iron set, and 2-in-1 iron. They have their famed Mini hair brush, which many say is the world’s smallest electric brush. Additionally, they have heat brush 2.0, styling cob brush, professional thermal brush, ad infrared thermal brush. 

They also have hair care products such as Moroccan shampoo and conditioner, leave-in conditioner, serum, hair mask, hair protector spray, and hair oil, to name a few. All these products are vetted and tested before launching, and they promise to work their magic on your hair. Soleil as a company is evolving as they listen to the voice of the customers and emerging trends and meet those challenges. Read this Soleil Mini Heat Brush Reviews to learn more about the product.

Soleil Mini Heat Brush

Soleil Hair Tools Mini Heat Brush reviews

The Soleil Mini Heat Brush is the smallest electric brush in the world. Its compact nature makes it the ideal hair styling tool to carry while on vacation. It is perfect for occasions where you need to Style your hair while on the go and works equally well for touch-ups. Touted to be as powerful as a full-sized hair styling tool but with the advantage of being compact that can easily be carried along. It has a dual voltage (110V and 240V) and boasts rapid heating time.

While the plate on the brush heat it, the bristles remain heatproof, which makes it easy to use. For many hair styling tools, a common pain area is the restrictions on the cord, but the Soleil Mini Heat Brush promises a 360-degree swivel cord so that you may Style at your convenience. It is made out of recycled materials and can give heat up to 400F, making this not just a compact hair styling tool but an eco-conscious tool. You’re not easing hair styling time, but you are positively impacting the environment by purchasing this item. 

Soleil Mini Heat Brush
  • Only mini brush in the world! Compact size & light weight Available in 3 beautiful colors Rapid heating time Dual voltage (110V/240V) 360° swivel cord

The brush is easy to use and glides effortlessly on the hair. And as you brush the hair, you will see a marked difference in the hair texture. Many hair styling tools advise users against using the tools on wet/damp hair; however, this tool can also be used safely on damp hair. It is suitable for all hair textures and types. The brush is slightly angled on the side and softer compared to the middle part of the brush. The middle part of the brush is hard and doesn’t move around much. It is made to target the crown area and stubborn flyaways. This is perfect to use for occasions where you need your hair straightened but perhaps if you are going to a formal event, you might need additional help. Take it with you; it looks effortlessly stylish and on point. 

How to use: 

The most important thing to remember while using a hair styling tool is to use a hair protector serum or spray. In the long run, adding this step before your heat brush or straightening routine will help your hair stay healthier and reduce burn, breakage, and frizz. 

  • One slightly damp hair, apply heat protector hair serum
  • Once hair is dry, section your hair into manageable portions.
  • Take small sections from the bottom up and brush out the hair
  • Run through the section as required.

While this is a compact and fairly easy-to-use tool, remember that this is not a salon-grade professional heat brush. You might have to use a flat iron to take care of flyaways and give them a sleeker look. 


  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Compact
  • Heats easily. 


  • A short handle makes it easier for your hand to get burnt. 
  • Not for sleek, salon-ready hair straightening
  • Might need additional styling tools for the final hairstyle. 

Customer Review | Soleil Hair Tools Mini Heat Brush Reviews

Not much customer review information has been found online for this heated brush. However, as per a review by beauty vlogger Caitlyn Ashley M on YouTube ( ), Soleil’s heat brush works better than a blow dryer and regular brush for her 3c-4a hair. The brush makes the hair less frizzy, straighter, and more manageable. She claims that she used the brush on slightly damp hair. She does add that if you want a sleek, salon finish type of hairstyle, you will have to use a flat iron. According to her, because the heat brush gets hope only at the plate, the brush stops the plate from reaching the hair roots. So, you might have to use a flat iron to manage the hair roots.

Soleil Hair Tools Mini Heat Brush reviews

“I got the Soleil Hair Tools Mini Heat Brush as part of the BOXYCHARM Spring Stock Up Hair and Skin bundle for $25 in April add-ons. So basically, I paid $6.25 for it, and it has an insane RV of $150. 

I did a quick 5 min. Test of it with just Hot Toddy and then added a hair serum (Gloss. ME Hair Serum, also part of the bundle) and went for another round. The glossing serum helped sleek it down. But I still had problems with the ends because my hair was so thin. It did a good job as long as I worked in small sections. It straightens good enough for Zoom calls and everyday events but not good enough for formal stuff. It’s perfect for travel if you aren’t going to a formal event where you want to look ultra on point.

I would buy another one in a different color if they ever came up. I would not pay more than $10 for this tho.” Erichazann

FAQs | Soleil Hair Tools Mini Heat Brush Reviews

Is the Soleil heat brush safe to use on wet hair? 

Soleil’s Wet-To-Dry- Flat Iron is safe to use on wet hair, unlike traditional flat irons where you have to wait till the hair is dry. 

Is the Soleil heat brush easy to carry?

Absolutely! It is compact, heats quickly, and is easy to use, making it the ideal hair styling companion to carry with you for additional touch-ups, styling on the go, or even on vacations. 

Do I need additional hair styling tools along with the heat brush?

If you want a salon-ready hairstyle, you might need a flat iron. But the heat brush alone also works perfectly to give you straight hair.

Should I use a hair serum before and after using the heat brush?

First, you need to use a hair protector serum before using heat on your hair. After you have styled your hair, it is advised that you use another hair serum. To keep the hairstyle smooth and prevent flyovers. 

Conclusion | Soleil Hair Tools Mini Heat Brush reviews

Before using the heat brush, please ensure that you use a hair protector serum, oil, or spray. This will protect your hair and reduce breakage, hair fall, hair burn, and frizz now and in the long run. You may check out Soleil’s Miracle Protector spray for protecting your hair. It will strengthen your hair and add shine and moisture to the hair. Because the spray has a weightless formula, it will not have any product build-up. Use this spray for any hair type and keep your hair safe. 

Heat brushes are an excellent hair styling tool as they promise straightened hair which is easy to achieve. Not many have time to spend hours waiting to Style their hair. With everything becoming easy and at the push of a single button, users expect cutting-edge, easy-to-use hair styling tools.

A lot has been said about Soleil Mini Heat Brush. What’s important to note is that this heated brush is a small, lightweight, and easy-to-use heat brush that you can easily carry in your shoulder bags for on-the-go, quick hair fixing. Versatile, some users have even claimed that they have successfully used it to curl their hair. Whatever your needs, whether it is to achieve straight hair or sleek hair, or even curly hair, Soleil Mini Heat Brush Reviews have surely informed you about the product. 

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