Nulastin vs Latisse | Best Pick For You?

Nulastin vs Latisse

Maintaining healthy eyelashes is a struggle for people of all ages. What else can we do to show our lashes how much love and care they deserve? Some products are even safer for eyelashes and don’t include harmful chemicals or procedures. With our service and knowledge, we’ve come across some helpful tips for you.

Nulastin VS Latisse

There isn’t one answer to getting your perfect lashes; you must work a little and be smart with your products. We talked to many beauty influencers who discussed their secret behind growing the best lashes. Many say that lash serums like Nulastin and Latisse are key to success, but questions still need to be researched.

 If you want to get your dreamy lashes, these two brands claim to pamper them in ways regular serums and supplements can’t. So, is Nulastin better than Latisse? Which is better: Nulastin VS Latisse? Do we have a final answer? There’s only one way to find out, so let’s start checking in.

Nulastin VS Latisse | The Better Choice Is?

Nulastin: Nulastin is a revolutionary brand that offers products for your skincare. The product includes a cleanser, hydrating serum, moisturizer, lip balm, etc., that adds glow to your skin. Apart from this, it also offers scalp treatments for attaining healthy hair. It is famous for selling lash and brow growth serum products so you can have bushy arches.

Nulastin vs Latisse

Latisse: Latisse is a medical brand and is the only FDA-approved treatment. It is clinically proven to grow and is the only lash growth product prescribed by the doctor. They also offer treatments like Botox, gel fillers, and breast implants. It will be right to say that it would be the perfect partner for your lashes.

Nulastin vs Latisse

In this article, we are going through the description, ingredients, price range, pros, cons, customer reviews, and faqs of the Nulastin and Latisse lash serums.

Product Ranges

NULASTIN Lash Serum – Follicle Fortifying Conditioner treats and enhances eyelashes. It promotes lashes to appear fuller and thicker. The main ingredients of nulastin include Elastatropin, SymPeptide, Phosphate Buffered Saline, carbomer, and keracyte.

Nulastin vs Latisse
  • With Elastatropin on board, your hair can be protected and treated with            the serum formula, which helps boost hair’s condition. The serum encourages hair regrowth by targeting the cause of hair loss and repairing it.
  • Sympeptide is a pentapeptide that thickens the width of your lashes. This makes your lashline appear fuller and bushy. It increases your beauty in no time. Moreover, it is also one of the quickest ways to improve lashes
  • Phosphate buffed saline is a water-based solution that heals damaged cells and replenishes them from their lackluster.
  • The Carbomer in the serum acts as a lubricant and removes any dirt and grime across your lashes. So if you want to breathe life back into your lashes, carbomer is the key!
Nulastin vs Latisse
  • Keracyte helps restore lost elastin and make your lashes more voluminous. It revitalizes the cells and adds length to them.
  • Other essential ingredients include HGF (Hepatocyte Growth Factor), Sodium Phytate, EPA Lipid (Eicosapentaenoic Ester), Phenoxyethanol, Ethanol, and TEA in small quantities.


Latisse is an FDA-approved product that repairs hair lashes. It is used for the treatment to grow eyelashes for people with inadequate or not enough lashes. The key ingredients of the Latisse include Bimatoprost, Sodium hydroxide, Benzalkonium Chloride, Sodium chloride, and Citric acid.

  • Bimatoprost is a key component in the latisse treatment and helps stimulate denser lashes. This treatment targets shorter and thinner lashes, giving you better and longer-lasting results than ever before. Many users see their weak and thin lashes become thicker, fuller looking, and more healthy. 
  • Sodium hydroxide present in the product helps you to maintain pH levels. It also removes your lashes from excess sweat, dirt, and unwanted moisture.
Nulastin vs Latisse
  • Benzalkonium chloride is an inactive component of the mixture, but still, it manages to bring many potential benefits to these users. It possesses microbial efficacy that is used as a preservative. Thus it only requires you to use a mal amount to see a better outcome.
  • Sodium chloride, commonly known as common salt, acts as the cleaning lady of the composition. It helps to eliminate excess oil production.
  • Citric acid helps encourage lash growth and offers full-fledged nourishment to your hair.

However, you should still consult your doctor if you suffer from eye diseases like glaucoma before using it.


Nulastin showed its results in just eight weeks, with a 12-week clinical trial conducted to check the efficiency of that product. 75 percent of participants saw an overall improvement, and responses from users included significant reductions in the brittle or dry texture, smoother eyelash strands, and even a touch of youthfulness. 97% of people said they felt significant differences when using Nulastin.

Nulastin vs Latisse

Latisse has grabbed attention from everywhere. All thanks to its ophthalmic and medicated solution. This solution targets different concerns and helps treat them. Users may see improvement in their lash quality between four and sixteen weeks. The brand’s clinical trial shows that 25% of the users were satisfied by receiving longer and elongated lashes, which gave their eyes more definition.

106% of users swore by the results as their lash density elevated, while 18% were excited to receive darker and fuller lashes. Both brands give what they claim in different periods, so it is just a matter of choosing what your skin agrees with.


Nulastin offers its 3ml bottle jar at around 60-70 dollars, which is way less than Latisse, so if you are looking forward to returning home without emptying your purse, this is a great choice. Thinking about using the product, in the long run, will save a lot of money compared to Latisse.

Latisse offers its 3ml bottle jar at around 90-120 dollars which is quite expensive compared to nulastin. Also, the brand has clearly stated that getting a prescription is a must to get this solution. The lash serum comes in three different sizes; the least quantity of 3ml is a one-month supply. It ranges from 90-120 dollars.



  • Prepared from naturally-derived ingredients
  • It conditions your lashes deeply
  • Offers hydrating benefits
  • Energizes the look of your eyelashes
  • It supports the body’s elastin levels
  • It helps attain thicker and fluffier lashes
  • Cheaper than Latisse
  • The patented formula contains a complex chain of 600 amino acids
  • It gives eyes a healthy-looking appearance
  • 0.1 ounce, which is almost 3 ml, will last you 4-6 weeks, whereas the 3ml of Latisse is just for one month’s supply
  • It helps fortify the lash follicles
  • Clinically tested formula
  • It has particular keratin proteins to nurture lash health
Nulastin vs Latisse


  • It does not have FDA approval
  • It also causes minimal side effects



  • It has the approval of the FDA.
  • It gives visible results in about four weeks, which can continue developing until 16 weeks.
  • Has gIt has through many clinical trials in which it has succeeded.
  • A key ingredient is a topical bimatoprost
  • The primary function is to boost the growth cycle of lashes
  • Makes it makes darker and fuller.
  • Fills up open spots
  • Pumps up the natural volume with additional density.
  • As it is a flexible formula, you can also use it on your brows.
  • It is packed with sterile applicators
  • Extends your eyelashes’ longevity
  • Available in three different sizes to choose from


  • May cause the permanent darkening of the iris
  • Darkening of the eyelid may occur, but it is reversible
  • You need to have a prescription to buy it
  • Your lashes will go back to their original state when you stop using it

Customer Reviews | Nulastin vs Latisse

Stella M. said to Latisse, “Finally, my lashes found their perfect match! It’s been two months since I started using this, and I can already see the results I was waiting for. My lashes have almost stopped shedding; they feel stronger at the base, my lashline looks fuller now, and it even amps up my whole appearance. They don’t look lifeless anymore and have a shiny effect on them. I am careful not to miss my application because I don’t want to return to looking ugly. I must be honest, and I can’t thank this brand enough!”

Samantha commented on Nulastin, “Just when I thought my life was getting worse, this lash serum walked into my life for good. I have been unsatisfied with my lashes ever since I was a teenager. But after I started doing this regularly on my lashes, my eyelashes felt more hydrated, pumped up, and healthy from within. There is a significant reduction in their falling out, and I can finally see all the empty spaces being covered up with thicker lash strands. Love this.”

Nulastin vs Latisse

Kelly pinned about Latisse, “I don’t know who thought using this on their eyes was a good idea because I am left with rashes and nothing more. At first, I was very excited to try it out, after I got it with great difficulty. During my first application, I felt a slight tingle, but I ignored it because I thought that would be normal. Sometime later, my eyes felt itchy and dry, so I washed off my face. This was indeed a bad investment for me. I would not recommend going for this to any woman.”

FAQ’s | Nulastin VS Latisse

What happens when you stop Nulastin?

Once you discontinue nulastin, it reverts to the original appearance of lash, brows, skin, and hair. Rather than stop nulastin, it is better to lower the usage once satisfied with the results. You can apply the serum twice daily (morning and night). Another option is to decrease application to once per day, three or four times per week.

How do I apply Nulastin to my eyebrows?

Use the applicator brush to gently stroke the serum onto the eyebrow using a short, vigorous motion directly on the hair follicle and the skin where results are desired. — Apply twice daily (morning & evening). — Reduce usage to once daily when you’ve achieved your ideal look.

Does Nulastin have side effects?

Nulastin may have some common side effects. For example, if you have any skin allergies to makeup products. The same would be transferred to the nulastin. So it is advised to do a patch test before adding the product to your routine.

Who should not use Latisse?

One should check out Latisse’s ingredients: bimatoprost, benzalkonium chloride, sodium chloride, sodium phosphate, dibasic, sodium hydroxide/hydrochloric acid, citric acid, and purified water. If your skin is allergic or sensitive to any of these ingredients, it may not be a good idea to use Latisse. However, it is better to take a consultation with your doctor before you purchase this formula.

What works just as well as Latisse?

Alternatives like LashFood, LiLash, and Revitalash contain a splurge of amino acids, vitamins, herbs, etc., that induce the growth of your lashes. Apart front is, users may also opt for eyelash extensions to make their lashes look fluffier because they are way cheaper and do not require any prescription or many side effects. You can also consider switching to a healthy diet and vitamin supplements to review the health of your lashes and make them fuller-looking.

Conclusion | Nulastin VS Latisse

As we have gone through the reviews of both the brands nulastin and Latisse, it’s time to decide which brand you opt for your lashes. If you need clarification on these two equally good options, we suggest you break their pros and cons down according to different heads.

Nulastin and Latisse have been doing wonders in the cosmetic industry and are also known for their satisfactory results. Although both give positive results, Latisse is more expensive than Nulastin. If you want to give your lashes a rich and luxurious treatment, you should go with Latisse else. You should prefer nulastin, which is no less than to meet your dreams.

Still, if you have any queries or doubts, please feel free to write to us in the comment box. We would be delighted to read and answer them for you.

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