MoxieLash VS Glamnetic | Best Magnetic Lashes For You?

MoxieLash VS Glamnetic

If you are getting ready for some function, maybe it is small or big, you can get sad if the makeup is time-consuming. Taking care of the most minor things can significantly impact your entire appearance. Still, it’s also important to remember that skin-irritating makeup can be harmful in the long run. With the influx of new products, it’s natural to become perplexed. As a result, we’ve created a discussion between two of the most popular lash enhancers on the market right now: MoxieLash VS Glamnetic.

MoxieLash VS Glamnetic

Glue lashes are dangerous and can make your natural lashes look unattractive. On the other hand, magnetic lashes are a unique product that is not only safe but also simple to use. Compared to adhesive lashes, they are more affordable, reusable, and hygienic. With so many businesses marketing magnetic lashes these days, we’re sure you’re stumped. We’re here to answer your questions to make a more informed decision.

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MoxieLash VS Glamnetic | Best Brand Of Magnetic Lash?

Today, both firms in question strive to provide customers with safe and distinctive magnetic eyeliner and lashes. MoxieLash was the first brand to offer magnetic lashes and liners to its customers with its high-tech solution. In 2017 the company got established. It is situated in San Diego, California.

MoxieLash’s objective is to provide its customers with the most essential items possible to help them improve their lash game. They have over forty various lashes to choose from. As well as innovative products to help people make their lashes look attractive. Customers can choose from a limited number of styles, shapes, and colours of products offered by the business.

MoxieLash VS Glamnetic

Glamnetic, on the other hand, was founded in 2019. It is situated in Los Angeles, California. The brand is committed to developing sustainable and innovative goods in the world. Its beauty is enjoyable, effortless, and accessible.

Since their start, they have introduced beauty goods for both men and women to make these accessories accessible to people worldwide. Glamnetic manufactures goods distinct from its competitors due to its passion for beauty and commitment to offering the best to its customers. They’re most renowned for their magnetic lashes, which come in more than fifty different designs.

Because lash glue is filthy and harmful, MoxieLash and Glamnetic have invented magnetic eyelashes and other beauty accessories known worldwide for being safe and creating a gorgeous look that adds to our overall charm. Let’s look at what each brand offers and which one would be the most excellent fit for you.

MoxieLash VS Glamnetic | Product Range

When comparing MoxieLash VS Glamnetic, it’s essential to look at the many types of products offered by both reputable brands.


Moxielash VS Glamnetic

MoxieLash introduces a products range that claims to be game-changers in the realm of beauty. The magnetic lashes and liners are of high quality, with a comfortable fit for all eye shapes and are designed to provide all-day support. MoxieLash is known for its bestsellers, which include the Honey Kit, Wedding Kit under Magnetic Lash Kits, Sassy Lash, Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner Cocoa, to name a few. MoxieLash products are waterproof and can be worn up to 60 times.

Popular Products Of MoxieLash:


Moxielash VS Glamnetic

For both men and women, the brand offers a variety of products such as artificial nails, magnetic lashes, eyeliners, and various accessories. Glamnetic lashes come in various forms, including round, wispy, half lash, and cat-eye, and are reusable for up to 40 years. Vegan and mink choices are available. And colour variations in the round, wispy, half lash, and cat-eye styles. Each lash set includes six magnets for attaching the lashes and a magnetic storage container. The high-quality items are cruelty-free and come in various forms and shapes to suit diverse tastes.

Popular Product Of Glamnetic:

Ingredients | MoxieLash VS Glamnetic

It is important to familiarise ourselves with the ingredients used. It’s important when looking for the most acceptable choice among the large selection of cosmetic products available. Let’s look at both brands’ ingredients and what makes them different.

MoxieLash Ingredients:

Iron Oxide: Since the iron oxide is manufactured, the magnetic lash contains no ferrous or ferric oxides. The FDA has approved the use of trace amounts of iron oxides as a colour additive and in the eye area. Magnetic eyelash products leave no hazardous behind on your skin or body due to the little trace found in them.

Castor Oil Esters: It helps in the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows. According to Dr Debra Jaliman, a board-certified dermatologist in New York City. This oil is derived from the bean of the castor tree. It is safe to use and exceptionally hydrating due to its high concentration of fatty acids and vitamin E.

Cera Microcrystalline: It has strengthening characteristics and gives your lashes a beautiful natural shine. Because of this, magnetic lashes draw so much attention.

Tocopherol: It is a form of Vitamin E. It also conditions your skin and acts as an antioxidant. One of its uses of viscosity control.

Glamnetic Ingredients:

BHT: It is utilised in cosmetics and magnetic liners to prevent oxidation and generate free radicals. It’s employed in some goods to stabilise and protect the raw materials themselves, rather than as a standalone element.

Xanthum Gum: It is a thickening, rheology modifier, and emulsion stabiliser used in Magnetic liner. Xanthan Gum Clear is a cosmetic grade with better purity and no hydration retardants for faster thickening. It creates the most transparent gels.

Ethylhexyl Glycerin: It’s a versatile cosmetic chemical used in deodorants, as an emollient and humectant in skincare, and to boost the antimicrobial efficiency of other compounds in the magnetic liner to prevent spoiling.

Sorbitan Sesquiplane: Magnetic Liner, personal care products, pharmaceutical creams, lotions, and ointments, inks, paints, and metalworking applications all use sorbitan sesquiplane as an emulsifier.

Customer Reviews | MoxieLash VS Glamnetic

Angelica Hilderbrand says, “So I didn’t read the reviews before buying the product, and after reading the unfavourable reviews, I was hesitant to try it. I tried the product right away after receiving it, and it works! Although the eyeliner is on the petite side, a little goes a long way! The formula was a touch thick as it came out of the tube, but I could wipe the excess back into the box; the applicator is similar to a liquid liner pen.

Moxielash VS Glamnetic

I had no trouble applying the eyeliner, and it lasted all day. When I say long-lasting, I meant to be prepared to scrub your eyes since it’s difficult to remove all of the eyeliner once you’re finished. The eyelashes themselves last all day and don’t bother me.”

Ruby says, “I’m terrible at applying lashes, and my monolid eye shape makes it much more difficult. Therefore I never use fake lashes. GLAMNETIC IS MY FAVORITE. The world is at your feet if you can apply eyeliner. This eyeliner is incredible!! I previously purchased “princess” lashes (my favorite) and felt tip eyeliner directly from their website.

Moxielash VS Glamnetic

However, I choose to use a different sort of eyeliner applicator, which I love!!! It’s a mighty grip. It’s difficult to remove, so I apply coconut oil on a cotton circle and wipe away any residue with a makeup wipe. It’s something I wear every day, and the grip is incredible.”

FAQs | MoxieLash VS Glamnetic

1. What Is The Most Effective Method For Applying Magnetic Lashes?

Magno suggests applying the top set as close to the lash line as possible, then placing the second set underneath so that the magnets combine. If you’re using the kind on both the top and bottom of your natural lashes. The easiest approach to get the greatest results with magnetic liners, according to her, is to apply them like any other liner, taking care to get a line that is as straight as possible.

2. Is Using Magnetic Eyelashes Safe?

According to some people, if these goods are not handled properly and gently, there is a risk of infection or an unfavourable reaction. To help lessen the chance, make sure you apply them appropriately (and wash your hands first), keep your lashes clean, and adopt excellent hygiene habits, including not sharing your lashes with others.

3. Is It Safe To Apply Glamnetic On The Eyes?

They are made without dangerous chemicals and contain the same natural ingredients used in popular cosmetics like mascara and other liners. Because of the higher quantity of iron oxide, it is magnetic. The FDA has cleared iron oxide for use on the eyes, and it is perfectly safe.

4. Is It Worthwhile To Invest In Glamnetic Lashes?

Glue lashes are a less good investment than Glamnetic lashes because they have more uses, are easier to customize, and dry much faster. It appears to me to be much more seamless without glue. These are fantastic.

Conclusion | MoxieLash VS Glamnetic

The purpose of the MoxieLash VS Glamnetic comparison was to show you how both brands strive to provide their customers with safe magnetic lashes. It cannot be easy to choose between them because they offer something different.

The competition between the two brands is fierce, but we’d like to close the gap by recommending MoxieLash over Glamnetic. Even though the company has a restricted number of styles, our staff prioritizes quality over quantity. MoxieLash gives us the beautiful eye appearance that we’re always striving for. Therefore it’s a good choice.

Finally, your choices in terms of quality and longevity will influence which brand you should purchase. We hope, however, that our analysis has helped you better grasp both. We hope this has brought you one step closer to making your final decision. Please leave a comment below with any further questions you have regarding both companies, and our team will respond as soon as possible.

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