MineTan Reviews | What’s New With MineTan Cosmetics?

MineTan reviews

When you are starting with self-tanning treatment for the first time, it is important that you choose wisely. Tanning is a delicate skin treatment that needs the right kind of products. If you are someone with sensitive skin or other skin conditions, you have to be a little extra cautious with the product you opt for. Today, there are several good companies creating organic and mild products for self-tanning at home. And today, we will find out why MineTan is one of them!

MineTan reviews

If you happen to go through MineTan reviews online, you will notice that most customers talk about how revolutionary the MineTan tanning products have been for them. While most people refuse to visit tanning parlors for the heavy chemical treatments, others are worried about the kind of products they can avail themselves of at home.

This is why MineTan keeps the products rich with organic materials like essential oils and fruit extracts. It is a cruelty-free product that has a healing quality for the skin. So in recent years, MineTan has become extremely popular with users of self-tanners, who want to enjoy a good and easy tan treatment at home.

Read on to find out which MineTan products you can pick and choose from and some of the important things that you need to keep in mind before using them.

MineTan and Why you should consider it?

MineTan Cosmetics, which goes by the tagline “Tan. Body. Skin”, is a US-based cosmetic brand specializing in self-tanning products. They create products that cater to different body and skin types. But they are a company that believes that tanning products are much more complex than just skin tones.

There are MineTan reviews from customers who say that the main reason they use the products is the customizing factor. MineTan focuses on improving the bronze shade which is what most people desire from their tanning treatments. At the same time, they have made sure that all their products are safe and good for all kinds of skin. So they have built their business around the vision of “Where tanning meets skincare”.

MineTan reviews

All products from MineTan are made from an organic base that makes them safe for use on delicate skin. The tanners are made with enriched argan oils that help in treating dry skin. The products are mainly odorless that do not leave any residual smell after the tan. All of this helps in achieving a long-lasting tan that matches your skin tone. In fact, numerous MineTan reviews show that tanning products have had a long-lasting positive effect on the skin. And here are some of the main products that you should look out for when considering MineTan.

1. MineTan Self Tanner – Ultra Premium, Clean Sunless Tanner

MineTan reviews

The MineTan Self Tanner is one of the most basic self-tanning products from MineTan. Prepared in the form of a formula, it comes in a 200ml applicator bottle. Made with argan oil to enhance moisture in dry skin which helps in hydration. This is called the Moroccan treatment which brings a mild bronze color to the skin.

MineTan reviews mention that the tanner helps to get an instant silky texture to your skin. It can be applied to both the face and body, it does not leave any orange streaks on the skin. The product does not have any odor and lasts up to 3-4 weeks. It is a one-hour express tan that has to be washed off to get the tan texture.

MineTan Moroccan Self Tanner | Delivers a Flawless, Streak-Free Super Dark Brown Finish, Intensely Hydrating Bronzing Treatment Enriched with Argan Oil, No Fake Tan Smell, No Orange Tones, 200ml
  • An intensely hydrating super dark brown skin finish
  • Enriched with argan oil to transform & nourish dry skin
  • Suitable for face & body. Suits all skin types


  • Anti-inflammatory elements which help to maintain the delicate skin
  • Improves appearance with the deep color
  • No streaks or orange patches from the product, easy to apply
  • Helps with hydration and moisturizes the skin
  • Organic materials to keep the treatment chemical-free


  • The color develops quickly so it is best to wash it off at the hour-mark
  • Might leave streaks if not used properly

How to use?

  • Take a tiny amount of the tanning liquid
  • Use a cotton swab or a tanning mitt
  • Apply in long streaks throughout the body
  • Keep the product for one hour
  • Look out for the rich brown tan and wash off when the color becomes deep
  • These simple steps will get you the most amazing hydrated tan on your skin and keep the skin healthy and moisturized at the same time.

Why use it?

All kinds of self-tanning products are aimed to make the whole tanning process easy for users. This is why MineTan reviews put the product so high in demand. It is a quick and easy process that anyone can try at home and has beautiful results every time. It is a long-lasting product, so you do not need a refill of the product after every application. This could be a great organic product to start with if you have been considering a skin-tan treatment at home.

2. MineTan Self Tanning Drops Beauty Tool Pack – Nano Mist Compact Tanning Kit

MineTan reviews

We have heard about the different kinds of cosmetic kits that are available for use. MineTan has definitely taken this to the next level by introducing the Drops Beauty Tool pact for self-tanning. This product is mainly designed for face tanning that helps to have a long-lasting moisturizer and tanning effect on the skin. A lot of customers in their MineTan reviews have called this the ultimate starter kit that helps to keep the skin healthy and makes for a great tan after every use.

This is a small-sized, portable tanner kit that comes with the following items:

  • Nano mist Tan compact
  • Nano mist Tanning drops (25ml)
  • Mini blending mitt
  • USB charging cable for the compact
  • The automatic facial compact uses Nano Atomization technology which helps the skin to absorb more of the liquid in a matter of just two to three minutes. So using this product can reduce your time to get the perfect sunless tan, anywhere and anytime you need.

Here are the simple steps to follow and use this tanning kit:

  • Apply a tiny amount of the tanning liquid and spread it evenly on the face
  • Use the compact atomizer to get the liquid to be absorbed by the skin faster and better
  • Wait for two minutes for the color to form on the face
  • Rise once after using the liquid
  • Get the right shade of bronze without streaks

The atomizer can be charged via a USB and is great as a facial massage that helps to keep your face hydrated long after application.


  • Easy to use and apply the product; the kit is portable
  • Tanning liquid uses organic substances
  • Hydrates the skin along with the tan
  • Perfect sunless tan in under three minutes


  • Sometimes, if the atomizer runs out of charge, it cannot be used
  • Too much use of the product may cause some skin damage
  • The tanning mitt needs to be replaced after a few uses

How to use?

If you are worried about the whole product looking like a complex contraption to use, you have a misconception. The best part about MineTan is the simplicity of all their products and they have not failed us with this as well.

Why use it?

Overall, if you are considering buying the MineTan Self-tanning tools pack, it can be of immense help in the long run. The tanning mitt, the product as well as the atomizer is available in one go. You will not need to buy all the products separately every time you have to get a tan treatment at home. The MineTan reviews suggest that the atomizer helps to enhance the tan. All of this, just in a few minutes and lasts up to a whole month.

3. MineTan Color Correcting Spray Tan Solution

MineTan reviews

If you are conflicted about using a liquid tanning solution, MineTan has you covered. The MineTan Color Correcting Spray Tan Solution is your perfect replacement for the liquid tanning solution. This spray-on product is a dark ash mist that settles on your body and can be rinsed off within an hour. You do not need to worry about chemicals being used in the product. Most MineTan reviews suggest that the product has a very mild effect on the skin as it is made with paraben, and palm oil and is sulfate-free. This product is rich in Vitamin E which makes it an antioxidant, keeping the skin healthy, even with a beautiful tan.

MineTan Spray Tan Solution | Dark Ash Sunless Tanning Solution - For a Cool, Intense Super Dark Brown Finish, Infused with Powerful Antioxidants & Oils, Salon Professional Formula, Vegan, ​33.8 Fl Oz
  • DARK ASH BASE: Look like you've just returned from Rio. Dark Ash gives you a cool, intense super dark brown skin finish in as little as one hour.
  • COLOUR BASE TAN: Like choosing your hair colour or cosmetics, with our colour base tans you can customize your spray tan according to your desired skin finish. Colour base tans contain a unique set of bronzers to generate different tones of brown and can be selected based on your desired end result and skin finish. It doesnâ€t matter what your skin type or tone is, all our colour base tans suit all types.
  • SPRAY TAN SOLUTION: Each Pro Spray Mist contain our innovative 1 Hour Express Tan formula with quad bronzing technology to speed up the tanning process and allow you to control the colour and depth of your tan. Rapid, long lasting, streak-free, fast drying results with no fake tan smell.


  • Easy to use and chemical-free
  • Dries up quickly
  • Can be left for only an hour to get a perfect tan
  • No strong tan odor


  • Can be harmful if there is contact with the eyes
  • Has to be washed off with a proper shower

How to use?

This is one of the simplest products in terms of application. All you need to do is take the bottle and spray it evenly on all the parts where you want a tan. Leave for an hour for the color to settle. See the magic happen after a proper shower.

Why use it?

One of the main reasons to use this product is the ease of using it. Most people are used to spray-on tans rather than liquid ones. It is also true that with the organic extracts used, this spray-on tan is equally easy to be used in the comfort of your own home. There is no need to go to an expensive salon just to get a treatment that you can get in an hour at home.

Customer Reviews | MineTan reviews

Kylie says about the Ultra-premium self-tanner, “I am an experienced self-tanner/UV tanner who has worked in a tanning salon and tried several self-tanners and spray tans and the color that you get from this tanner is amazing, not orange at all it is by far the best color I have gotten from any sunless tan product.”

MineTan reviews

Talking about the self-tanning beauty drops, Erica said: “This is great! Perfect for a fast, gorgeously tan face any time of year.”

Maria talked about her experience with the MineTan self-tanner color-correcting spray: “It’s a great color when putting it on. The guide is a gorgeous brown but just doesn’t hold its deepness in color once you wash the guide off, even after 18+ hours. The Moroccan is still the winner on staying dark for the most amount of days, without the orange”.

FAQs | MineTan reviews

What MineTan products should you consider for first-time use?

The first product that any new user should start with is the basic tanning liquid. It is an express tan treatment that takes just one hour and is extremely easy to use.

What kind of ingredients are used by MineTan?

MineTan uses a range of organic ingredients in their products. The base product of all the tanning products is oil extracts like argan oil, jojoba oil, and macadamia nut oils.

Where are the MineTan products available?

Most MineTan reviews say that Amazon is the best place to buy your MineTan products. However, the main MineTan website also has a store from which purchases can be made.

Is the MineTan self-tanning kit useful?

The MineTanner kit comes with an automated facial atomizer, the tanning liquid, and a tanning mitt. This product can actually be really useful for people who are trying out home tanning treatments for the first time. Also, the atomizer helps to keep the skin moisturized longer.

Conclusion | MineTan reviews

MineTan is one of the self-tanning products that can be your first step in the tanning world. There are a lot of products to choose from and the list above can probably be your guide to choosing what is best for you. There are many MineTan reviews online that will give you a clear idea of how these products – mainly because of their organic nature – have helped people get the best tans at home.

So when you are walking into a tanning place next time, consider for a minute that you have the chance to get the same tan at home. You will actually have the advantage of chemical-free tans that are good for your skin and can help you get hydrated skin in the long run.

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