Magic Shaving Powder Vs Nair – Which Is Best?

Magic Shaving Powder Vs Nair

Are you looking for the best Shaving powder to suit your skin? Are you confused between Magic shaving Powder vs Nair? Which one to choose? Don’t worry; we will help you make your decision.

By the end of this article on Magic Shaving Powder Vs Nair, you would be clear which brand of shaving powder to choose, as per the research and personal reviews of customers. 

No doubt, both the brands have their perks and flaws, which differentiate them from each other. The difference might be in price, product quality, uses, and effects. So here, let’s compare a few products of both brands before concluding. 

Most of us are confused about which brand to choose. Overall, both the brands have good products, but when we have to decide, we need to compare them all. 

Thus, we need to make a wise decision when we talk about shaving powders or any other skin products as they directly impact our skin.

Let’s take a look at some typical products of both the brands and their specifications. 

Magic Shaving Powder Reviews 

Magic Shaving powder is an American brand, which came into existence in the past 120 years and had a good name in shaving and personal care products.

Moreover, the main reason for the popularity of this brand is that it gets created by Loreal with a pack of sure good ingredients.

It reduces skin irritation, razor bumps, and skin inflammation. You can opt for this product if you have common skin problems or don’t have a suitable skin type. 

Top Products By Magic Shaving Powder

1. Magic Shaving Powder For Fragrance 

This product under the brand Magic shaves is a depilatory formulated powder base shaving solution. It gets specially manufactured to fight razor bumps.

Moreover, the main feature of this product is to provide a fragrant solution, which no other powder or cream possesses.  

It is a perfect solution for people who are very irritated by harmful fragrances and want a good solution.


  • Friendly on sensitive skin 
  • Quick hair removal 
  • Recommended on energized skin as well


  • Not much pleasant fragrance
  • Required moisturizing after hair removal 
  • Powder takes time to mix with water

Magic Shaving Powder For Fragrance 

Magic Shaving Powder Vs Nair


  • Helps Stop Razor Bumps
  • Has A Fantastic Fragrance
  • Removes Hair Quickly
  • Soft Sheen Carson

2. Magic Shaving Powder For Skin Conditioning

Magic shave has launched this skin Conditioning shaving powder to eliminate traditional powders. These creams cause bumps and rashes on the skin.

This formula is best suited to give you smooth, healthy hair-free skin. It is best to moisture your skin with hair removal.

The ingredients used like aloe vera, vitamin E, Cocoa butter, and shea milk give skin a glowing and healthy look. It enlightens your skin by removing hair from your skin and conducting dead cells of the skin. 


  • It gives soft skin touch
  • Quick hair removal 
  • Does not leave any chemical burn 


  • Not much comfortable with extra sensitive skin 
  • Powder not readily mix with water 
  • It Smells a bit strange but not that bad.

Magic Shaving Powder For Skin Conditioning

Magic Shaving Powder Vs Nair


  • Regular Strength
  • Razorless Shave
  • Provides A Fragrant
  • Quick Hair Remover

3. Magic Shaving Powder For Regular Strength

This product is a mixture of skin-conditioning formulas and fragrances to give the best effect for your regular usage.

No doubt this is perfect for sensitive skin, but with aroma used to reduce the vague smell of rotten eggs, but users with extra diplomatic swimming power get irritated with its smells.

But overall, it is a good product you can use at any part of your body except your genitals.  


  • It just does a miracle in minutes
  • Stop Razor bumps 
  • Just like a regular formula


  • It contains Barium sulfide, which is not an air freshener
  • Requires mixing well of powder
  • It smells terrible, just like rotten eggs

Magic Shaving Powder For Regular Strength

Magic Shaving Powder Vs Nair


  • Perfect For Sensitive Skin
  • Provides Regular Strength
  • Small
  • Fights With Razor Bumps

4. Magic Shaving Powder For Extra Strength 

Magic products have been showing their best effects and helping in leaving razor usage. This blue Magic shaving powder product is best for the extra strength of your skin. It takes smoothing of your skiing and reduces bumps, and makes skin clear.  


  • No effects like Shaving 
  • No chance to miss any hair, all get removed in one go
  • Convenient and easy to use than razor


  • Making a perfect paste of powder seems difficult 
  • As usual, the smells is really awful but still tolerable
  • Not much comfortable on sensitive skins

Magic Shaving Powder For Extra Strength 

Magic Shaving Powder Vs Nair


  • Provides Extra Strength
  • Easy To Use
  • Does Not Miss Any Hair

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Nair Hair Removal Reviews

Nair is a trending brand for hair removal; this Church & Dwight manufactured product comes on budget.

Nair has launched several products in its hair removal range for both men and women. Nevertheless quality is super good as per the price.

Most importantly, they have a range of approx 25 products ranging from wax, bleach, and hair removal creams.

This brand is the upcoming leading market brand for various countries with its best solutions. 

Let’s look at some of its most popular products which one can choose and set no limits for the satisfaction. 

Top Products by Nair

1. Nair Hair Removal Lotion With Aloe And Lanolin

This hair removal cream formula with Aloe & Lanolin is perfect for soothing skin and is fragrance-free.

It is among the Fast, smooth hair removal that lasts more than Shaving. It gets Best suggested for Leg hair remover.


  • Works in very little time
  • Checked by Dermatologist 
  • Smoother skin than Shaving 


  • Special care for sensitive skin type
  • It might leave few hairs on the skin
  • Requires a thick layer of cream 

Nair Hair Removal Lotion With Aloe And Lanolin

Magic Shaving Powder Vs Nair


  • Perfect For Soothing Skin
  • Fragrance-Free
  • Smooth Hair Removal
  • Best For Leg Hair Remover

2. Nair Glides Away Hair Remover Cream

This unique application of cream-based hair remover is an easy and pain-free method to remove hairs. It is best, especially for underarms where we have the most sensitive skin.

It comes with natural 100% Moroccan Argan Oil and restorative to give better and smooth results. 


  • Best moisturizing hair remover
  • Extremely Effective on coarse, stiff hair
  • This product is Dermatologist tested


  • More usage of cream
  • Results may take time
  • Early hair growth 

Nair Glides Away Hair Remover Cream

Magic Shaving Powder Vs Nair


  • Best For Underarms Hair
  • Restorative To Give Smooth And Better Results
  • Dermatologically Tested
  • Best Moisturizing Hair Remover

3. Nair Brighten And Smooth Leg Mask 

This Nair Leg Mask with Charcoal and natural ingredients is perfect for removing and minimizing hair regrowth.

It helps to moisturize and emphasize dead skin to make legs touchably soft and truly radiant. Nevertheless, this product is the best multitasking option.  


  • Removes stubble hairs
  • Made of Charcoal and 100% Natural Clay 
  • Reduces hair regrowth


  • Check by applying a patch that is suitable for skin  
  • Require strong layer to remove hair
  • Smells bad

Nair Brighten And Smooth Leg Mask 

Magic Shaving Powder Vs Nair


  • Moisturizes Dead Skin
  • Minimizes Hair Growth
  • Made Of Charcoal
  • Best Multitasking Cream

4. Nair Hair Remover Face Cream

Nair has got the best facial hair remover cream with a pain-free and sensitive solution. Nevertheless, it is one of the depilatory face creams with gentle moisturizers to exfoliate facial skin and fight anti-radiant.  


  • Long-lasting smoothness and shine on the skin
  • Easy and fast hair removal 
  • Ultimately pain-free method


  • A smooth and thick layer needs to be applied 
  • Have a terrible odor 
  • Skin sensitive, use carefully

Nair Hair Remover Face Cream

Nair Hair Remover Face Cream


  • Best Facial Hair Remover Cream
  • Quick Hair Removal
  • Long-Lasting
  • Exfoliate Facial Skin

Magic Shaving Powder Vs Nair – Customer Reviews

Let’s look at the reviews given by customers on both the products, what they like about the product and what they don’t. 

Customer Reviews On Nair 

As per the customers, Nair is the perfect hair removal solution with a creamy texture having chemicals to make skin soft. It is an ideal alternative to Shaving. However, it is not suitable for sensitive skin. It can cause rashes and irritation to people with allergic and sensitive skin types. Nevertheless, it doesn’t last long, but it will then shave and requires much time to clean with a thick layer of cream, which means early consecution of the product. No doubt it comes under budget, but you will consume it early. If you choose Nair Hair Removal Lotion with Aloe and Lanolin, it is the best product in the complete Nier range. 

Customer Reviews On Magic shaving powder

All the products of the magic shave are in a powder formula, don’t require much time to apply to remove hairs. It is best as it gets mixed with water, and with less quantity, you can withdraw your hairs.

Nevertheless, this product is non-irritant on allergic skin and sensitive skin and makes one feel soft. Customers face no terrible reaction.

The only problem faced by customers is that it requires effort to mix powder well before applying. Although for a good soft result, it is not that difficult.  

So as per the reviews of customers, both the products are budget-friendly and have a common flaw: the fragrance. If you leave these things apart, Nair Hair removal lotion is not much comfortable on sensitive skins.

In contrast, Magic shaving powder is comfortable on all skin types, even on allergic skin. No doubt that Magic shaving powder is a powdery solution that needs to get mixed with water, but the quality gets used less to remove hair. While in Nair Hair removal cream, which is equity texture and requires more creativity application at once. 

On average, seeing all the perks and flaws of the products, as per customers, Magic shaving powder is much better than Nair hair removal cream. Nevertheless, you can try both and suggest which is better with your reasons in the comment box. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Magic shave products are entirely not safe for genital parts. However, one can use the Shaving creams of Nair for the intimate details. Nevertheless, if you have sensitive skin, you must try a patch of Nair cream first on your sensitive area before applying. But for Magic shave, keep it away from the genital area as risky for sensitive skin.
Magic shave products are light in weight and can remove hairs in just 4 minutes, but it lasts for four days. At the same time, Nair hair removal creams dissolve inches above and below the skin, which means that it lasts longer than other shaving creams. But there's no surety; for some, it is about 2. For some, it might be 5; on average Nair, cream lasts for 2-5 days.
On average, Shaving is done monthly or after 15 days. Once you remove hair using magic shaving powders, you can be accessible for one month. In contrast, in the Nair hair removal creams, hair grows back earlier than one month. It's up to you you want to do it after 15 days or not, but hairs will develop within five days.

Conclusion – Magic Shaving Powder Vs Nair

Magic Shaving Powder Vs Nair

Regardless, which brand you choose among them. You can’t go wrong with your decision of hair remover. Both the products are best in removing hairs quickly and successfully. Nevertheless, they both are inexpensive than any other hair removal method like laser treatment or waxing. 

But if we choose between any one of the brands, Magic Shaving Powder products have a more effective range than Nair hair remover creams. Undoubtedly, magic shaving powder is a little more expensive than Nair remover lotions but keeps your skin soft, smooth, and glowing.

As per the many Magic Shaving Powder Vs Nair Reviews, fewer skin problems face magic shaving powder than in Nair. 

I hope this Magic Shaving Powder Vs Nair comparison will help you in finding the suitable product for you.

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