Laura Geller Foundation Reviews | Your True Second Skin?

‘Time makes everything better.’ We all have heard this phrase in our life. But is this phrase accurate when it comes to our skin? With time our skin ages and gets dull. Despite having so many makeup products in the market, mature skin thirsts for products apt for them. While the younger generation is always catered with tons of foundation options, the older, matured skin gets deprived.

Laura Geller Foundation Reviews

But since its formation, the brand Laura Geller has been doing revolutionary work for the matured skin. Laura Geller provides products for women in their 40s and above. If you consider purchasing Laura Geller products, you need to look at the unbiased Laura Geller Foundation Reviews.

All the hustle of our daily lives leaves its mark on our skin through fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, spots, and dark circles. These are the issues faced mainly by the older and mature skin. And this is when the need for good makeup products comes to make the visible issues less prominent. Laura Geller New York is a makeup brand that celebrates and empowers the matured skin with fantastic and innovative formulas.

Laura Geller Foundation Reviews | Worth It?

Laura Geller Foundation Reviews

Profound makeup artist Laura Geller started her namesake makeup brand in 1997 and launched it on QVC. Since a very young age, Laura Geller has had a very keen interest in beauty, makeup and it is her passion for makeup that has made her a successful makeup artist. Laura has wholly devoted herself to making makeup for mature skin with her innovative ideas. The modern makeup brand Laura Geller New York aims to celebrate mature skin and make women confident in their skin.

Laura Geller New York serves a wide range of makeup products, but their series of foundations is everyone’s favorite. The brand promises that its products are handmade in Italy and successfully hides age spots, fine lines. It also promises to never cake or crack at all after application. Laura Geller also provides baked cosmetics that are loved by the matured skin.

Best Of Laura Geller

1. LAURA GELLER NEW YORK Baked Balance-N-Brighten Color Correcting Foundation

Laura Geller Foundation Reviews

After checking out several Laura Geller Foundation Reviews of customers, we have concluded that Laura Geller Baked Balance N Brighten Color Correcting Foundation is one of the brand’s bestselling and most loved foundations. This baked color correcting foundation gives light to medium coverage. Because of its weightless formula, the face never looks cakey and feels like a second skin. It successfully hides the fine lines and wrinkles and makes the skin look flawless and even.

This baked foundation is imbued with white tea extract and antioxidants Centella Asiatica to give the skin-soothing hydration. The Laura Geller Foundation is baked for 24 hours on Terracotta tiles, and these are handmade in Italy. This baked foundation is creamy with weightless formula, making it easy to wear throughout the day. Laura Geller’s baked foundation gives the skin a healthy glow.


  • Hides fine lines, age spots, wrinkles.
  • Gives the skin a healthy and radiant look.
  • Stays long hours for weightless formulas.
  • Available in nine shades with a golden undertone.
  • Works upon the signs of aging miraculously.
  • Suits all skin types


  • Does not give full coverage
LAURA GELLER NEW YORK Award-Winning Baked Balance-n-Brighten Color Correcting Powder Foundation - Light - Buildable Light to Medium Coverage - Demi-Matte Natural Finish
  • BALANCE-N-BRIGHTEN COLOR CORRECTING POWDER FOUNDATION: This award-winning foundation handmade in Italy is made up of pressed powders to help you create a perfect canvas and a natural, demi-matte finish. Build your ideal coverage without worrying about caking—this favorite feels weightless and looks flawless.
  • LIGHT: Get this award-winning powder foundation in the perfect shade for light skin with golden undertones.
  • SELF-ADJUSTS TO MATCH YOUR SKIN TONE: Treat yourself to a baked powder foundation that nourishes as it perfects. This natural demi-matte formula gives you creamy coverage that's packed with antioxidants Centella Asiatica and White Tea Extracts for soothing hydration all day long

2. LAURA GELLER NEW YORK Quench-N-Tint Hydrating Foundation

Laura Geller Foundation Reviews

After looking at multiple Laura Geller Foundation Reviews, we have comprehended that one of the best-selling foundations is the Quench N Tint Foundation. This foundation is formulated specially to quench the skin with ample hydration. The foundation provides light to medium buildable coverage. Because of its weightless and refreshing formula, the skin gets a natural glow. With this foundation in your hand, you can bid goodbye to dry skin.

LAURA GELLER NEW YORK Quench-N-Tint Hydrating Foundation is like foundation and moisturizer in one pack. This foundation is infused with Hyaluronic Acid, which provides the skin an instant feel of water splash. Proper hydration helps in soothing and smoothing dry skin perfectly, never leaving the skin cakey.


  • Hydrating
  • Long Wearing
  • Gives skin a natural glow
  • Perfect for Dry, flaky skin
  • Hides uneven complexion
  • Easy to apply
  • Buildable coverage
  • Available in 5 shades


  • Not for oily skin
  • Gives sheer coverage
LAURA GELLER NEW YORK Quench-n-Tint Hydrating Foundation - Medium - Sheer to Light Buildable Coverage - Natural Glow Finish - Lightweight Formula with Hyaluronic Acid
  • QUENCH-N-TINT HYDRATING LIGHTWEIGHT COVERAGE HYLAURONIC ACID LIQUID FOUNDATION MAKEUP: Say goodbye to dry skin and hello to hydration! This lightweight foundation is the best of both worlds: sheer to coverage and a refreshing feel.
  • SKINCARE MOISTURIZER & MAKEUP FOUNDATION: It’s like makeup and moisturizer in one. Hyaluronic acid locks in moisture and a hint of tint evens out skin tone to achieve the “no makeup” makeup look with ease.
  • “NO MAKEUP” MAKEUP LOOK: A transformative, water-based foundation with invigorating skincare benefits that hydrate skin and soften fine lines with a sheer hint of color.

3. LAURA GELLER NEW YORK Double Take Baked Versatile Powder Foundation

Laura Geller Foundation Reviews

Another best product of Laura Geller New York is their Double Take Baked Versatile Powder Foundation. This powder-based foundation has a creamy and velvety texture. The weightless formula makes it feel like the better version of your skin. The signature baked formula of Laura Geller makes it easier to wear this powder foundation all day. This foundation gives the skin a full coverage, breathable finish that lasts around the clock.

Laura Geller Double Take Baked Powder Foundation is handmade in Italy, baked on terracotta tiles for 24 hours. It gives a matte finish look. It can be used wet or dry. The best thing about this foundation is that it is sweat resistant which is why you can wear it for long hours.


  • Available in nine shades
  • Never feels cakey
  • Gives a breathable matte finish
  • Full coverage with a creamy texture
  • Sweatproof & Long wearable


  • Not best for dry skin
LAURA GELLER NEW YORK Baked Double Take Powder Foundation - Porcelain - Buildable Medium to Full Coverage - Matte Finish
  • DOUBLE TAKE BAKED BUILDABLE FULL COVERAGE POWDER FOUNDATION: Get skin that gets a double take. This foundation gives you instant elegance with full coverage, a classic matte finish that's never cakey, and a long-wear formula that doesn't fade. Handmade in Italy, the creamy formula feels like a treat for skin.
  • PORCELAIN: Fair pale with peachy pink undertones
  • ANTI-AGING INGREDIENTS: With antioxidant-rich Jojoba Seed Oil that softens and soothes skin, Centella Asiatica Extract that hydrates and mitigates sun damage, and anti-aging Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, there's plenty to love about how this foundation looks and feels. Not only will it stay on all day, your skin will be better for it.

4. LAURA GELLER NEW YORK Baked Balance-N-Glow Illuminating Foundation

Laura Geller Foundation Reviews

Laura Geller New York Baked N Glow Illuminating Foundation is a color-correcting powder foundation. The foundation provides light to medium buildable coverage with micro-fine pigment balancing pearls that even the skin tone. It manages to hide the age spots and fine lines easily. It also conceals wrinkles and dull skin perfectly. The foundation never creases or feels cakey on the wrinkles or fine lines at all. Having nine shades of this product, it is an easy job to find your perfect match.

This creamy, weightless foundation is luminating as the pigment balancing pearls give the skin a natural radiance. The color-correcting pigments are enriched with vitamin C, which boosts the natural radiance and adjusts the skin tone. It is also infused with 5% pearl, which evens out the imperfections.


  • Light to medium buildable coverage
  • Gives Satin finish on the skin
  • Suits all skin types
  • Makes color matching easier
  • Infused with vitamin C and 5% pearl
  • Provides luminous finish
  • Available in nine shades for every skin tone


  • Light to medium coverage
LAURA GELLER NEW YORK Baked Balance-N-Glow Illuminating Foundation - Fair - Buildable Sheer to Light Coverage - Satin Finish
  • BALANCE-N-GLOW COLOR CORRECTING CC POWDER FOUNDATION: Get radiant skin and a flawless base without sparkles or cakiness. This satin-finish baked powder foundation has a creamy texture and self-adjusting pigments infused with a touch of pearl, for a natural-looking glow all day long.
  • FAIR: Get this award-winning powder foundation in the perfect shade for fair skin with neutral undertones.
  • SELF-ADJUSTS TO MATCH YOUR SKIN TONE: Treat yourself to a baked foundation that gives you that radiant glow on the outside and inside. This pearl-infused formula gives you creamy coverage that's infused with Vitamin C, an ingredient known for its ability to brighten skin, even out skin tone, diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and protect skin from free radical damage.

5. LAURA GELLER NEW YORK Timeless Skin Cream Compact Foundation

Another miraculous product that Laura Geller has in her makeup range is the Laura Geller New York Timeless Skin Cream Compact Foundation. This foundation is available in nine shades and provides buildable medium coverage. Like the other Laura Geller Foundations, this one has a weightless formula, making it easier to wear the whole day. It has a creamy texture with a non-drying formula. This compact cream foundation provides intense hydration to the skin.

This crème compact foundation is formulated with Vitamin E and Evening Primrose Oil, which is why the skin stays hydrated and moisturized throughout the day. It also consists of Algae extract, which provides radiance and hides age spots and sun damage.


  • Creamy non-drying formula
  • Never cracks or feels cakey
  • Enriched with Vitamin E
  • Available in nine shades
  • Perfect for daily use


  • Gives Light Coverage
LAURA GELLER NEW YORK Timeless Skin Cream Compact Foundation, Medium to Full Coverage, Light 150
  • Creamy, non-drying formula. Perfect for light skin with rosy undertones
  • Provides intense hydration
  • Formulated with Vitamin E and Evening Primrose Oil for all-day moisture, and Algae Extract for added radiance and protection from age spots and sun damage

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Laura Geller Foundation Reviews | Customer Reviews

M. Lussier, says “The Laura Geller Quench-N-Tint Hydrating Foundation that this is her all-time favorite foundation she wears daily. This foundation provides her with fantastic coverage while still allowing her to feel natural and lets some freckles poke. 

Laura Geller Foundation Reviews

She has fair skin, and the light color blends nicely for her. Some foundations make her feel greasy, but this one does not. She has highly recommended everyone to give it a shot.”

Sarah McCormick, says “LAURA GELLER NEW YORK Double Take Baked Versatile Powder Foundation that she usually wears Laura Geller’s Balance and Brighten Foundation. She decided to try the Double Take baked foundation when it occurred as a suggestion on Amazon. 

Laura Geller Foundation Reviews

She has found the coverage of the foundation excellent but she prefers a bit lighter foundations. However she likes this one too and has been using it with a more delicate hand while applying. She has found the shade of Double Take baked foundation better matched than the Balance and Brighten Foundation, despite the names being same.”

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FAQs | Laura Geller Foundation Reviews

Can I Buy Laura Foundations?

Laura Geller Foundations and other products of the brand are available on their official website at a discounted price. These are also readily available on e-commerce stores, and the best one to purchase from is Amazon, where you can also acquire great deals.

Do Laura Geller Foundations Get Cracked On Fine lines?

Laura Geller’s foundations are made in weightless texture, which is why they never feel heavy on the skin. That is the reason why Laura Geller foundations never get cracked or cakey on fine lines or wrinkles.

Conclusion | Laura Geller Foundation Reviews

Laura Geller Foundations have been in the industry since 1997, and it is Laura Geller’s passion for beauty and makeup that has helped her establish such a brand. The motto of this brand is to celebrate and nurture mature skin as women above 40 face the lack of good makeup products. Laura Geller has been producing baked foundations for women in their 40s and above with its weightless formula.

But just like any other brand, Laura Geller has its shortcomings too. As per some of the customer reviews, few foundations do not suit sensitive skin and produce acne. Some users have faced side effects too, which is why it is highly recommended to commence a patch test before applying the product all over the face.

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