KVD Good Apple Foundation Balm Review

If you have been troubled to find a good foundation for your skin type and tone, then you don’t have to worry now because here is an easy solution for your problem. Here is the must-have beauty product to give your face a complete look without any allergic effect on your precious skin- “KVD Good Apple Foundation Balm.” You must be surprised to see the foundation as a balm that gives a finishing look to your overall makeup, but yes! It is the reason it gives a perfect finish and is easy to carry all day long. Let’s see what makes this Product a magical tool for your skin in this KVD Good Apple Foundation Balm Review. 

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Product Description-

KVD Good Apple Foundation Balm Review

This is the skin-perfecting foundation that gives you full lightweight coverage and a fresh matte look. Get a unique, expandable full coverage that lasts all day, as if you didn’t use a foundation cream at all. This Product quickly hides blemishes and discoloration and immediately increases self-confidence.

There is no error. It will not harden and can perform well on a whole busy day. Few shades of compact seem different, so it is better to choose accordingly. Use original photos to choose the right and the perfect shade for yourself. Don’t worry. If you are not happy or impressed with the results, then you can return this freely within 60 days without any hassle. 

This vegan-based foundation carries original apple extract and sodium hyaluronate to nourish the skin and provide moisturization. It is creamy, non-comedogenic, and minimizes pores, making the skin smoother and healthier. Most suitable for normal to dry skin. The compact is not only fully recyclable but also very easy to recycle-no need to disassemble. When finished, pour it out and discard it with the plastic.

Benefits: KVD Good Apple Foundation Balm

This is a comprehensive “balsamic” foundation, which means you will still get a full-length foundation with a slight balsamic feel. It is not a liquid but a moisturizing dry powder with a matte effect. According to the website, the frosted surface is not too dry or too wet. It is piece by piece and looks like a piece of ordinary leather.

Essentially, it has a full coverage of moisturizer, so you don’t have to worry about flaking. Unique product-you don’t need concealer because it covers your entire face, including redness, blemishes and pimples, and scars. Also, this product is designed to prevent flakiness and patches.

And due to its natural products, it is a cruelty-free product as it does not include any animal abuse or animal product. KVD doesn’t even test their final products on animals and praises vegan ethics too.

The superior benefit of this compact is that it suits every skin type and doesn’t leave any allergic effects on your face. Also, according to the KVD, it can cover tattoos and is buildable. Moreover, it is easy to apply with a compact brush, and you can blend it with your hand or sponge blender.

Ingredients- KVD Good Apple Foundation Balm Review

The ingredients used in the Product are listed below:

  • Apple Fruit Extract(Pyrus Malus), is best and foremost for Anti-aging and Skin softening. Apple extract is rich in antioxidants which can protect your skin from free radicals and help the skin maintain young-looking resilience.
  • Dimethicone is also added which is used as a moisturizer to heal dry, flaky, rough, itchy skin and mild irritations.  
  • The addition of Silica is an ace to it, as it contributes to the production of collagen, which is the most abundant protein in the human body. silica helps in improving the skin texture. Provides a healthy look to your facial skin.
  • Safflower Seed Oil (Carthamus Tinctorius), adds great value to this KVD foundation. It acts as an emollient on the skin’s surface and makes the skin smooth and plump. Also used as a skin conditioner. 
  • Many other ingredients like  Glycerin, Disodium Stearoyl Glutamate, Decyl Glucoside, etc. are added to make this foundation balm more effective. All these additive elements have unique skin benefits.
KVD Vegan Beauty Lock-It Finishing Powder
  • A weightless pressed finishing powder that layers smoothly over foundation for a perfected, soft-matte complexion that lasts all day.
  • Skin Type: Normal, Dry, Combination, and Oily
  • Formulation: Pressed Powder

Pros And Cons –


  • This Product is quite suitable for dry skin, as you can use this Product without even applying primer. 
  • This compact powder of KVD has a wide range of shades suitable for different skin complexions, so whether you have fair skin or dark, it is a better option than usual creams.
  • It blends well with both a brush, blender and even hands in just one stroke and provides a matte finish long-lasting look.
  • This compact does not include any metal, magnet, or mirror and therefore is eco-friendly and 100% recyclable. 
  • Works as a foundation as well as concealer, just one thin layer will provide the best finish on normal skin.
  • KVD Good Apple plays nicely on pores and remains sparkling at some stage in the day. If applied in a thick layer, it can leave oil but doesn’t separate, which is the best thing about this foundation. 


  • This brought might not be suitable for you if you have an extremely dry and sensitive skin type so if you are using this, try it once before applying it completely to your skin.  
  • It might become patty sometimes if you don’t moisturize your skin completely, so if you are using it, make a strong base to avoid patchiness after a few hours, especially if you have porous skin. 
  • Being recyclable, the mirror is not attached to the Product. So that might create problems for you if you use the mirror present in the compact kit. 
  • Unlike others, this kit contains very little power or balm. So if you use more quality, you might get a problem, but this Product is good even if the small quantity used is sufficient.

Customer Reviews-

According to most of the authentic KVD Good Apple Foundation Balm Review, this product is excellent, and the official website shows that –

94 out of 100 found Good Apple Foundation “Buildable.”

97 out of 100 found this Good Apple Foundation “Lightweight.”

94 out of 100m found this Product shows “Healthy and Soft Look.”

94 out of 100 found this foundation is “Easy To Apply.”

So, as per the other customers, this product is worth their money, and they found it very skin-friendly. You can choose this Product if you are looking for any of the reasons, it’s a superb choice. People also say that This Product is great for their dry skin. Also, they found no clinging on their drier areas. Many people thanked the Sodium Hyaluronate formula. This Product contains which makes it nice and hydrating.

Above 90% of aged people using this Product find it very effective around wrinkled skin. They suggested that one should apply a good quality eye cream before applying it around your eyes to give a more finishing look.

KVD Vegan Beauty Lock-It Finishing Powder
  • A weightless pressed finishing powder that layers smoothly over foundation for a perfected, soft-matte complexion that lasts all day.
  • Skin Type: Normal, Dry, Combination, and Oily
  • Formulation: Pressed Powder

FAQs – KVD Good Apple Foundation Balm Review

So the most frequent questions people ask about KVD products are fascinating. Here are some for your convenience.

1-Is KVD Apple Foundation Good For Dry Skin?

The Product is beneficial for all skin types, but in case you usually see patches after applying your makeup, then there is some possibility that you may suffer from this Product.

2-How Do You Know What Shade of KVD Foundation To Get?

This is something all the customers should know before buying this Product from anywhere that KVD provides a tool on its website to find your perfect match ( Foundation Finder ).

3-How To Use KVD Product?

It is effortless to apply compact. You can use a blending brush or your hands to give it a perfect finish. Moreover, you can apply this compact on a strong KVD base to give it a more professional look.

4-Is This Product Good For Oily Skin Type?

Those with oily skin should take special care of their face. This Product is safe for oily skin, but they can apply it only a few hours a day.

5-How Many Application Would This Need?

It all depends on how you use it. It may work well with just a little amount of this foundation and lasts long. If you use a thick amount, then it may turn patchy around dry areas.

6-Does This vegan Beauty Balm Work On Mature Skin?

Yes, it works on mature skin and provides the same result as on young skin types.

7-How Does The Primer Go With This?

Primer is always a good choice to apply first, and with this foundation balm, it would extend its wear time.

Conclusion – KVD Good Apple Foundation Balm Review

KVD Good Apple Foundation Balm is one of the best and most popular products nowadays, and this is the one you will never regret having. It’s worth a buy. This great Product, even in fewer amounts, can go a long way if used properly. Review results show that it leaves a deep aftertaste and will not feel heavy at all.

 Moreover, this provides complete coverage and a matte finish. It does not feel lumpy or brittle. In addition to all these specs, it does not react with skin and covers acne, blemishes, dark circles, and pigmentation very well. I would recommend you try this unique beauty product. If you are the one in such a job where you need to wear good makeup and show your best, then this Product needs to settle in your kit fast.

It is an unbiased KVD Good Apple Foundation Balm Review that will help you in gaining information about the product.

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