IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette Review – Is It The Best Cosmetics Kit?

Nothing pulls at the heartstrings of magnificence darlings very like a sparkling new eye shadow range. Stylishly, they’re a gala for the eyes, outwardly and in a real sense, yet one could even venture to such an extreme as to call them realistic. Notwithstanding, maybe more than anything, a decent eye shadow range is usually a more significant amount of a speculation buy than a lipstick or eyeliner.

IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette Review

If you’ve hit a dish and repurchased one (or a few) of the ranges beneath, this will be a pleasant walk around a world of fond memories for you. If you’re an eye shadow range beginner, overpowered by the cornucopia of shades, take a full breath and unwind — we got you. In this IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette Review, we’ll assist you with improving the viewpoint of where the item stands regardless of whether it accomplishes what it expects.

Best Of IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette

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Product Description | IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette Review

IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette Review

IT cosmetics naturally pretty palette first cover adoring wonder! Find your most normally beautiful eyes with this must-have range—including every one of the generally complimenting conceals you need for day to night, regardless of the event! Typically Pretty incorporates 14 enemies of maturing shadows that, with a tap of the reward Transforming Pearl conceal, abandon matte to brilliant pearl for perpetual educational shading mixes. 

Created with plastic specialists and imbued with hydrolyzed collagen, genuine silk, peptides, and restrictive No-Tug Technology. Each powder-free shadow floats on delightfully to light up your eyes and smooth your covers. Shades can be worn alone or combined as one, wet or dry, and as shadows or liners, making this the ideal range for each IT Girl’s cosmetics assortment! 

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Available Shades:

Sheer Joy – matte delicate peach Soft Light – flat light latte Warmth – matte warm beige Soulful – dull warm, ruddy beige Mocha – matte light sable Violet – matte lilac Midnight – balanced dim naval force Noir – matte dark Love – matte dusty delicate pink Sunrise – matte soft golden Sunset – flat rich golden All Heart – matte warm mauve Java – dull chocolate Iconic – light, rich record Transforming Pearl – Radiant pearl.

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The outside of the range is shrouded in a light pink velvet with the range name imprinted in gold metallic paint. I’m not entirely specific concerning that paint going on for quite a while, yet so far, I haven’t seen it chip off by any means. It closes shut with a magnet like Urban Decay’s Naked 1 Palette. Inside, there is a decent measured mirror on its top. The natural substance is shrouded in a gold metallic overlay.

Product Ingredients:

Mica: Mica is perhaps the main mineral fixings in beauty care products, utilized generally to add shine and shimmer. Essentially if an item has a sparkling impact, it’s unquestionably mica. It is also well-known in skincare items intended to make a gleam impact, especially those promoted as lighting up or enlightening.

IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette Review

Dimethicone: Dimethicone is a silicone-based fixing utilized in numerous individual consideration items. It holds the entirety of the fixings in an item back from isolating. It additionally gives these items a smooth, plush surface. When applied to the skin or hair, dimethicone makes an actual obstruction to seal in hydration, keeping skin saturated and hair without frizz.

Phenoxyethanol: Phenoxyethanol is an additive utilized in numerous beauty care products and individual consideration items. You might have a bureau loaded with items containing this fixing in your home if you know it. Synthetically, phenoxyethanol is known as glycol ether, or as such, a dissolvable. portrays phenoxyethanol as “a sleek, marginally tacky fluid with a weak rose-like aroma.”

Hydrolyzed Silk: Normal protein acquired from regular silk noils (filaments, fibroin) from the casing of the silkworm (bombyx more). It has brilliant dampness restricting properties and a smooth feel. The outstanding virtue of silk is displayed by the lucidity of its film and low debris content and protected with benzyl alcohol, sodium benzoate, and potassium sorbate. Protein content about 10%. pH 4.0-6.0. Water solvent.

Tocopheryl Acetate: Alpha-tocopheryl acetic acid derivation (ATA) is a type of vitamin E frequently found in skin health management items and dietary enhancements. It’s otherwise called tocopheryl acetic acid derivation, tocopherol acetic acid derivation, or nutrient E acetic acid derivation.

IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette Review

Vitamin E is known for its cancer prevention agent properties. Cancer prevention agents help to shield your body from harming intensifies called free extremists. Ordinarily, free revolutionaries structure when your body changes over food into energy. Be that as it may, free revolutionaries can likewise come from UV light, tobacco smoke, and air contamination.

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  • There are loads of pleasant nonpartisan matte tones to browse that will suit many complexions. 
  • It is helpful having this load of shadings together in one range.
  • Hostile to maturing, powder-free recipes imbued with collagen and genuine silk. 
  • It can be utilized wet or dry as shadow or eyeliner. 
  • Fifty-six potential tones with unlimited blends!


  • These eyeshadows can look a little inconsistent on the cover, which is awful if you don’t use primer.
  • Some aftermath, particularly from the more obscure shades.

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How To Use:

To turn any shadow from matte to brilliant pearl, plunge your number one IT Cosmetics brush into your decision of matte shadow. Then, at that point, tap it into the Transforming Pearl conceal and apply. Shades can be worn alone or combined, wet or dry, and as shadows or liners.

Customer Reviews | IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette Review

If you wish to buy this product, you check IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette Review online or amazon customer reviews. Here we have given you customer reviews from multiple online forums for your better understanding of the Product. Most of the customer experience is too good.

Kayla G, says “I’m not sure what I want to say about this. Since I acquired it, I’ve used it every single day. Even if I don’t wear any other make-up, you can count on me to apply my brows and liner with a smidgeon of mascara. Almost everything IT Cosmetics makes/sells has to get tried and purchased by me.

IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette Review

This palette has every colour you can imagine, and there are so many copycat palettes out there that try to match a hue with tints you wouldn’t believe would go together, but IT Cosmetics blows me away with how well they do it. You can see and feel the attention to detail and research that went into their products. It is something I would recommend to any woman, regardless of colour or age!”

Rubyrose, says “I’m trying out the IT eyeshadow palette for the first time. I thought it was fantastic. All of the hues are just stunning. All of them, I believe, will be used. In the past, I’d try palettes and dislike half of them. This eyeshadow glides on nicely and doesn’t leave a powdery residue on my face.

IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette Review

It is crucial because I suffer from dry eyes and don’t want powder to go into them. This palette does not irritate or scratch my eyes in any way. These aren’t glistening at all. I’m no longer able to wear them. I’m thrilled I tried it out.”

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FAQs | IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette Review 

1. What Is A Natural Palette?

On the other hand, a characteristic shading range is one in which the stones don’t point out themselves.

2. Should I Use Warm Or Cool Eyeshadow?

It’s shrewd to pick a range with a blend of cool and warm tones. Cool tones might conflict with your skin. However, it very well may be an intriguing impact when done right. You can reduce that coolness by wearing a warm wrinkle tone, redden, or lipstick.

3. How Much Does An Eyeshadow Palette Cost?

The eye shadow range is ordinarily sold by the unit and fluctuates in cost. Low-end ranges start from essentially $5, while top-of-the-line ones sell for upwards of $150. Note that the overall revenues for this industry are average 40%, with some running as high as 80%.

Conclusion| IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette Review

The formula is beautiful, very plush, and smooth with great pigmentation. The shadings mix so pleasantly with no drag on the skin and absent many aftermaths. It is unquestionably a more quieted shading range, so this is ideal for somebody who cherishes a characteristic look.

We have hooded eyes, so we ordinarily lean toward matte shadows over shimmery ones, and what we love about these matte shades is that they’re not flat. They recently have the tiniest trace of pearl to them, which keeps them from looking level or dull on your eyes. In this IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette Review, we cover all details about the Product, pros, cons, customer reviews, and FAQs. We hope this article will give you in-depth knowledge about the Product.

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