Foxy Bae Blowout Dryer Brush Reviews | Worth Or Waste?

Are you drained of energy because of wasting hours with heating tools for curling or blow-drying? Do you hate spending too much time in your bathroom using the tools until you get that perfect look? The Foxy Bae Blowout Dryer Brush will work as a savior to solve these problems. 

Foxy Bae Blowout Dryer Brush Reviews

Foxy Bae Brush will give you a salon-like look without using the chemical. Foxy Bae blowout dryer comes with a combination of hairbrush and hairdryer. This article on Foxy Bae Blowout Dryer Brush Reviews will provide you with insight into the Foxy Bae dryer brush.

About the brand

The headquarters of Foxy Bae is located in Los Angeles, California. Moreover, you can find various stores and offices at different locations. The brand believes in empowerment. It is a true friend of women as well as men too.

Foxy Bae Blowout Dryer Brush Reviews

It gets designed for every kind of hair. So, you do not need to worry if you have curly, frizzy, straight, or wavy hair. This excellent product will make your hair party-ready in a few minutes. 

Foxy Bae Blowout Dryer Brush Reviews

Foxy Bae Blowout Dryer Brush Reviews

Foxy Bae blowout dryer brush is a professional hair volumizer brush with Nylon and Boar Bristles. The brand claims that you will be blown when you see the after results of this Rose Gold Blowout Dryer Brush. It combines a hairdryer and a brush that gives you a perfect blowout without even visiting a salon.

It helps in detangling, drying, and styling your hair, body, and shine within a few minutes. The iconic technology and ceramic coated barrel lock moisture for an extra soft and frizz-free finish. The brush will also help minimize the heat damage and the split ends. So be ready to dump the salon, but never forget that “I just stepped out of the salon attitude.” 

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Benefits –

  • Professional Results: The motor utilized in the foxy bae blowout dryer brush is a Salon Grade AC. It helps in providing effortless salon-grade blowouts without any of the fuss.
  • Moisture: The Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Technology combines with Infrared properties to provide enough heat to the hair evenly from both inside and out. It locks the water and reduces frizz for silkier and straighter locks.
  • Faster Styling: The Foxy Bae Blowout Dryer Brush rotates at three different speeds and heats for quicker and safer blowout expertly to achieve the desired hair results.
  • Pro Blowouts made quick and easy. : The combo of dryer and brush helps easy detangling, drying, and styling hair in minutes.
  • Perfect Settings for Perfect Hair: This is part of this perfect combo of heat and wind, which requires enough warmth. The team has spent about a year researching perfect blowouts.
  • Sculpted Body and Premium Shine: The salon-grade motor, dual bristles, and tourmaline barrels give the perfect results.

Features and Details 

Foxy Bae Blowout Dryer Brush Reviews

The details and features are essential when we talk about the foxy bae blowout dryer brush reviews. Here are some fantastic features which will enhance your knowledge about foxy bae dryer brush. 

Ceramic Tourmaline Technology 

The 75mm Hair Dryer brush is designed with tourmaline. Their tourmalines are infused ceramic generating negative ions and combining with infrared properties to deliver sleek and smooth locks. This ceramic tourmaline heats after allowing the water molecules to perforate into the hair shaft to absorb the moisture, resulting in less frizz and increased shine.

Hair Blowout Dryer Brush For All Hair Types 

This professional hair styling tool gets made up of ceramic tourmaline. It allows the heating plate to glide through the hair without pulling the boar bristles and naturally conditions the hair, improving the hair texture and reducing the need for styling products.

Fastest Hair Styling Tool 

The dryer heats up quickly to the best-chosen temperature according to your choice to offer a perfect salon-grade hairstyle. This best hair salon tool gives your hair that salon-style look. The professional styling is accessible at home with the help of a high-grade tourmaline blowout brush. 

Tailored For You 

Use this Foxy Bae Blowout Dryer Brush Reviews for a loose and overall blowout with the volume you need. In addition, the mini blowout brush has a smaller barrel which makes it perfect for those who have short hair or who need a tighter and more courier blowout.

 Temperature Control

Adjustments in the temperature control of this product ensure hair protection from excess heat and damage. You can also choose the temperature among the three options for automatic heat control. 

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How To Use Foxy Bae blowout dryer brush

One must have a piece of complete knowledge of the product you will use for yourself. Here are some tips for using the Foxy Bae brush to get a perfect result. 

  • Let Your Hair Be Partially Dry. 

When you use the blowout brush on semi-dry hair, you will get the best results. However, do not dry the hair entirely, and damp hair is acceptable instead of thoroughly soaked.

  • Apply A Heat Protectant 

Whenever you plan to use hot tools on your hair, you must prep your hair strands with a heat protectant. Then, drizzle some heat protectants throughout your mane to distribute the product evenly and brush the hair to eliminate the tangles.

  • Part Your Hair In Sections 

Part your hair into sections using a claw clip or hair clutches. The number of divisions depends upon your hair. Part your hair from ear to ear. It is roughly part of the middle section. Work on each side separately.

  • Clasp Your Hair

Take your blowout brush, turn it on. Later take a section of hair around one to two inches thick. Place this brush at the end and roll the meeting upwards towards the roots of your hair 

  • Release

Wait for at least 10-20 seconds, then slowly release the brush downwards, releasing your hair. You will get silky and frizz-free hair with some curls when your hair is realized.

  • Repeat The Process 

Repeat the process of wrapping and releasing throughout the entire hair. Once done, remove the top section, split it into halves, and blow out the left area.

  • Final Touch 

Once done, use a blow dryer to tweak any of the areas of your hair to add volume. After that, apply a small amount of serum throughout the mane for a perfect finish.

Customer Reviews |

Hols says, “I have praised the device a lot, saying that I bought this to match my Foxy Bae curling irons set. It worked awesomely and dried my hair, and left it smooth and silky. It is worth the price. I am a small person with small hands and it is a bit bigger than I expected. She has to use both of her hands, but I love it.”

Foxy Bae Blowout Dryer Brush Reviews

Sara says, “I loved the product. After using the product, my hair feels soft, silky, and complete. I confessed that it was effortless to use and cut half of her drying time, saving her time. In addition, I loved that there were extra heat and drying settings which makes it more manageable on her hair. I would recommend this product to anyone.”

Foxy Bae Blowout Dryer Brush Reviews

Caeli Allard says, “After using the device, I recommend a foxy bae blowout brush to everyone. It gives a fuller body to the hair. My hair is fuller and silkier than before. I was thrilled with the blow time. Faster and better than any product I have ever used.” 

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Foxy Bae Blowout Dryer Brush Reviews | FAQ’s

  • Can we use a foxy bae brush on dry hair for volume?

Although it is suggested to use a foxy bae blowout hair dryer brush on semi-dry hair for a better result, you can also use it on dry hair for volume. Just spray dry shampoo on roots and tips, then run the brush on medium heat.  

  • What is the temperature range of the Foxy Bae blowout dryer brush?

This product has three settings from which you can set your brush. These three settings are excellent, low, and high range. Apart from these, you can also set your Foxy Bae blowout dryer brush according to your requirement. 

  • Can you curl hair with Hot Brush?

Yes, Using a hot brush is the fastest and the easiest way to get curls or waves. It will look fantastic for any party or any occasion.  

  • How do I get more volume out of my hot hairbrush? 

Firstly heat your device to the desired temperature, start working in slow sections now brush slowly through the hair from the roots to the tips. To add more volume, lift each section up and away from the head as you glide the brush down the hair.

Final Verdict | Foxy Bae Blowout Dryer Brush Reviews

We have briefly discussed the Foxy Bae Blowout Dryer Brush Reviews at the end of the article. The product, manufactured in Los Angeles, is ruling worldwide due to its desirable products. In addition, the product gives practical results and is affordable. 

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Foxy bae gives results of drying your hair along with voluminous, frizz-free shine in a single step. The strands are easy to detangle, and the heat setting options are for adaptable stylish looks. This tool specializes in working on almost every type of hair.

Usually, a woman needs enough time to dress up even when she is in a hurry, whether you are going to a party, the office, or a casual date. However, this device can be a friend of yours. You need to heat the brush for seconds, adjust the temperature, and start doing blowouts or curls. It happens within minutes, and the results are voluminous hair.

Women love volumes, and this brush provides it with ease and that too for a longer time. Our Foxy Bae Blowout Dryer Brush Reviews have almost every piece of information you need before buying this product.

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