Derol Lip Plumper Reviews | Best Quality Lip Plumper?

The increasing demand for cosmetic products amongst the population worldwide leads to the innovation of different products. One of the newest additions you can expect to your makeup drawer is Lip plumpers. Lip plumper is a product that is expected to make your lips look naturally swell and appear puffer. Lip plumpers work by holding onto moisture in the skin surface. They also increase the blood circulation in the lip areas and thus make it look swell. 

Derol Lip Plumper Reviews

DEROL Cosmetics is an unparalleled cosmetic brand committed to innovating high-quality products irrespective of age group and ethnicity. The brand has brought to the cosmetic world the best quality lip plumper. Reading through Derol lip plumper reviews of many happy customers, we can get an idea of what this product can do for you. Derol has brought forth a wide variety of lip plumpers. The product has also been recorded as the No.1 Bestseller in the cosmetic market.

1. Derol Lip Plumper

Derol Lip Plumper Reviews

Derol Lip Plumper is marketed through the Amazon shopping site. Most Derol lip plumper reviews assure natural goodness made from organic components. This product includes ginger, mint, collagen, and vitamin E, which combine effectively to prevent the peeling and cracking of lips. Derol has designed a set of two lip plumpers, especially for daytime and nighttime use. The pack contains plumper with ginger essence and the other of mint flavor. 

Why use the Derol Lip Plumper?

A unique specialty of the Derol Lip plumper is suitable for both day and night use. For day use, the suitable plumper is the one with ginger essence. Initially, it may be hot and itch, but it adds an impressive plump and moisture to the lips.

For night use, users prefer a soothing and moisturizing product. So, the brand added the mint extract to plumper with a fantastic scent, providing comfort. Moreover, it acts as a sleeping lip mask for your lips overnight for a long time.

Once applied, the tenure of the product on your lips is more than 6 hours. Collagen and Hyaluronic acid in the product is all ready to shape, boost and hydrate your lips. So it’s high time you opt for innovative and hassle-free makeup!

The product bags four stars among 5-star ratings. However, it ranks 2 in lip plumping treatment products.

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  • It can be used irrespective of day or night. 
  • Use of organic components 
  • The product is waterproof and touch-proof, thus making it a worthy alternative to lip glosses.
  • It brings out precise results in two weeks.
  • Promises to be a multi-functional lip assistant- a daytime lip enhancer or a nighttime soother.
  • The product is made from natural products; the cooling effect from the mint and tingling effect from the ginger assure that the product is revitalizing.


  • In some Derol Lip plumber reviews, there is mention of one common disadvantage.
  • If someone is allergic to mint or cooling agents, this might not be the product to use.
  • In addition, the cooling effect it has on the lips can cause discomfort for some users.  

Overall, the Derol Lip Plumper reviews have been positive that have made it a product that cosmetic lovers are seeking out. 

Derol Lip Plumper Reviews

How To Use?

The use of this product is quite simple. Users need to follow some simple hacks to get the best results. The product can be used as a base and a primer for the lips. Users can also apply it to boost up the volume of lips before adding color. To get noticeable results, the users are recommended to use mint plumper at night and ginger plumper the next day. For best use, use the product consistently.

While several people may want to jump into using a new brand and product, some wish to stay loyal. Derol has built a reputation for happy customers with all products they introduce. So while you are wondering about the Derol Lip plumper reviews, here are a few other products from the brand that you should look into.

2. Derol Color Changing Lip Gloss (With long-lasting moisturizer)

As fancy and exciting as it sounds, the Derol Colour Changing lipstick is one of the most popular lip glosses from Derrol’s brand. Often considered in Derol lip plumper reviews as the “Magic lipstick,” this product has a color-changing system that coordinates with the user’s body temperature. Once you apply the product, it is of a lighter share and changes when the temperature is warm – giving you a unique look every time.

The product’s full name is DEROL Color Changing liquid Lipstick Temperature Change Color Waterproof Moisturizing Shining Glass Long Lasting Lip Gloss. It comes in liquid form, and it has become popular among users for its beautiful packaging, in a diamond scepter shape.

Why use the product?

The versatility of this product is self-explanatory, giving users a personalized and comfortable look with simple lipgloss. The lip gloss comes as a liquid, transparent lip gloss and contains glitter. Other than the color-changing system of the gloss, Derol lip plumper reviews mention that the gloss is an excellent moisturizing product. It keeps the lips moist and plump for a longer time.

This is essential for users who suffer from dry lips during fall and winter. In addition, the product keeps up its promise of organic products, using nut seed oil, Vitamin E and Squalane as the main components. For the color-changing factor in the development, Derol uses snail mucus and hyaluronic acid, giving it a moisturized effect. 

The Derol Color changing lip gloss has been appreciated by all loyal Derol customers and many others. However, they have been rated 4.3 out of 5 after their introduction to Amazon. 

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  • No specific time of use; it can be used at any point of the day
  • It makes an everyday lipstick looks more gorgeous 
  • Moisturizes the lips throughout the day when applied
  • Keeps the lips bright and plump for at least 24 hours
  • Excellent to be used in winter for dry lips
  • Budget-friendly and unique


One complaint noted in the Derol lip plumper and lip gloss reviews is the use of hyaluronic acid for the color-changing agent. If the user has a known allergy to any components, it should be avoided. 

Most of the users have been most impressed by the slow color-changing effect of the product. So if you are looking for gifting options for someone who loves experimenting with the new cosmetics brands in the market, Derol has a great thing lined up for you!

How to use it?

The Derol Color-changing lip gloss has to be used as any other lip gloss. Use a base lip balm, preferably petroleum jelly, to make the lip gloss last longer. Take a small amount of the liquid and brush it on your lips. Please keep it for about 30 seconds to see the magic happen, and colors slowly change. Your lips will appear fuller with the proper application of the gloss. 

3. Derol Eye Shadow Primer

Just like a foundation is crucial for a good makeup day, your eye makeup can become better with the primer you use. Derol eyeshadow primer is one of the best eyeshadow bases in the market. Many customers who have left Derol Lip Plumper reviews have suggested using the eyeshadow primer. Made with a clear base, waterproof, and catering to all skin types, the eyeshadow primer is created to be the perfect foundation of long-lasting eye makeup.

Why use the product?

The Derol Eyeshadow primer is known for its quick-drying factor, long-lasting, and ease to use. So you do not have to sit and wait for your eyes to dry up before starting the makeup. It is available in six colors from Derol – Ghost white, Skin tint, Wheat, Zinfandel, Mint cream, and Lavender.

Giving you all the choices you need for a fantastic eyeshadow look with the perfect base that keeps it clean for long hours. In addition, the primer has a silky texture that makes application easy and uniform without worrying about getting the ground everywhere. The product has a steady rating of 3.4 stars out of 5. 

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  • The excellent texture makes it easy to apply and keep
  • It can be used as a primer and a concealer for eye makeup
  • It uses a light material that does not feel heavy to the eyes even when applied before a layer of highlighter 
  • It gives a fuller and sharper look to the eyes


  • Most people who have used the Derol eyeshadow primer have had very little to complain about. However, the one problem with a few users is that it becomes difficult to take off after use. This is why the amount used has to be decided carefully. 

How To Use?

Take a small amount on your finger-tip or brush-tip. Apply throughout the eye-lid and spread it evenly around the edges. Keep for some time before going on to use the highlighter. Enjoy smudge-free eye makeup for hours.

Customer Reviews | Derol Lip Plumper Reviews

When Kristen used her first Derol product, she said, “I read many Derol lip plumper reviews which got me interested. As a first-time user of lip plumpers, I have had the best experience with Derol. The sweet menthol gives it a soothing feel. It has kept my lips plump and glossy for over 24 hours. The organic materials used in the product keep my lips healthy and hydrated. I hope to be using it for a long time.”

Derol Lip Plumper Reviews

Bella started using the Derol color-changing lip gloss as an emergency. After nearly two months, she says, “I never imagined getting a lipgloss that changes colors from time to time. I don’t know what magic Derol created, but I am delighted I found it! For such a reasonable price, I can get the best care and colors for my lips any time of the day.”

About the eyeshadow primer, Kelly says, “This is one of the best things I have added to my eye-makeup regime. It stays on for long hours during the day and keeps the makeup intact. In addition, I can use all types of eyeshadows to compliment the color of my primer. So I am delighted after using the product.”

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FAQs | Derol Lip Plumper Reviews

Why use Derol in the first place?

Derol is one of the highest-rated cosmetic brands, famous for its lip-care products. So if you want to buy lip plumper, Derol should be your first brand of choice.

Are all Derol lip plumper reviews good?

Derol lip plumper is available as a set and has excellent reviews as of now. Though not all Derol lip lumper reviews have been of five stars, most customers are really happy with the product that they used. 

Where to buy Derol products?

Derol has an official website to buy all their makeup and cosmetic products. Other than this, there is, where all forms of Derol products are available for purchase. 

Conclusion | Derol Lip Plumper Reviews

When choosing your cosmetic products, you have to think about the long run. You have to consider all the pros and cons and how good it will be for you. For example, say you choose the lip plumper from Derol. It is good to go through multiple Derol lip plumper reviews to make an informed decision.

This is how you will have the best experience using new products. There have been a lot of complaints about Derol products being too specific or over-the-top. But they are also the No. 1 brand bringing in new and innovative products to the cosmetics market. In addition, they are offering a chance to women to experiment with different types of products. So you can always take your pick and enjoy some me-time!

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