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custom keto diet reviews

How often have you embraced yourself in the mirror? Well a person like me loves doing that and I can continue it all day long. You can call it self-obsession but I see it as a process of grooming. You can ask how? The more I see myself in the mirror, the more I figure out how I look which tells me how others feel when they look at me. I have a job that is more impression oriented apart from my performance records.

Lately, I have started looking out for options that can shape me well without much effort for obvious reasons. Of course, there are numerous workout routines and diet plans available, but somehow fitting all into my schedule is not as easy as it sounds. Isn’t it? I have taken time to read and research on alternatives to speed up the process of weight loss. In this process, something has caught my eye and I want to share it with you. I am certain if you find yourself in the same shoes as mine, you will be impressed too like me.

Continuous weight gain is a hitch for the entire career. Plus, it dooms one’s confidence where one has to keep motivating self which is frustrating after some time. Obesity also invites diseases like diabetes, thyroid, joint pains, cholesterol, and just keep counting. Please allow me to present to you the Custom Keto Diet Reviews without further delay.

What is Ketogenic or Keto diet? (Custom Keto Diet Reviews)

Whenever our body needs energy, it converts carbs into glucose and uses the same for energy. In Keto diet, we lower the carbs intake in our body and replace them by fat food intake and when there are no carbs present in our body then with no option for energy our body turns fat into glucose and uses the same for energy and due to which our body starts burning the stored fat it has and reduces extra fat from our body.

To follow the keto diet is not really easy for people especially those who like eating food items like sweets, cakes, rice, and many more. If you randomly search for keto diet plans you would not easily get the same but you would only get the suggestion for food items which you have to eat and it is not so easy to eat food items like eggs, avocado, salad, salmon and many more to eat every and reduce weight.

You would not even find keto recipes easily on the internet you yourself have to divide food items into portions accordingly. You are allowed to consume and also keep calories counts for the same as well.

There are many people who don’t have time to do so and many people get tired of eating all keto diet suitable food every day and leave the same in between.

That’s why the idea of a customized keto diet plan was developed. We have put forth Custom Keto Diet Reviews for you.

What is Custom Keto Diet Plan?

Custom keto diet plan or customised keto diet plan by the name itself suggests that it is a plan which will be created according to you. You would have your own diet plan which will be made according to your eating habits, your calorie consumption and your work out habits.

In custom keto diet plan you would also have choices in food items if you don’t want to eat one food item you can simply replace it by another and any time if you want to eat junk food like from McDonald’s or Domino’s you will have a choice for that as well from one click you can update the same in your diet plan and the extra calories will be adjusted to your coming meal.

One best thing about the custom keto diet is you don’t have to starve you will have 3 meals a day and you are never going to be hungry.


Rachel Roberts is the founder of a custom keto diet plan she herself is a dietician and a fitness expert.

She had also faced the problem of being overweight and many diseases due to it. She has tried so many diet plans on herself and after that, she was able to find a plan that really worked on her.

She then developed the custom keto diet plan because she understood that every human body is different in one or other way and will require a different diet plan for a different body.

Afterward, her idea of a custom keto diet plan became successful.

What do you get?

In a custom keto diet plan you will not only get the food items you have to eat and recipes for the same but you will also get a detailed explanation of why or why not you have to eat a particular food item in a particular portion or why you don’t have to consume some of the food items. 

You will also get complete information about keto diet from where it has emerged, how it works, what are its benefits and how custom keto diet has emerged from the same.

So, if you are eating a particular food item or you would be performing a particular exercise you would be not just blindly doing it you will also know which food item or which exercise is going to affect you how.

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Custom Keto Diet Reviews

In a custom keto diet, first of all, you will get a questionnaire in which you have to answer questions related to your eating habits, your calorie intake exercise routine, and many more details so that the diet plan could be made for you according to your preferences and you can easily follow them. Custom Keto Diet Reviews will help you in your weight loss journey.

It doesn’t mean that the diet plan is created according to you then you would like all the recipes and food products in it but you don’t really have to worry about it because you would have different options if you don’t like one food item or one recipe you can easily replace it with another.

But the most important thing is that you have to answer all the questions correctly because if you don’t do the same then the diet plan will be of no use for you because it wouldn’t be created according to your preferences.

Custom Keto Diet Reviews

Pros: Custom Keto Diet Reviews

Flexibility in diet plan:

Your diet plan will be no doubt according to your eating habits then also there will be some recipes which you won’t like so that you will have options in recipes or food products that if you don’t want to consume one you can consume alternative of that.

Many food options:

You do not have to consume the same food item every day you will have a different food option so that you won’t get bored by eating the same food every day and won’t ever give up on the diet plan.


If sometimes you feel like having some junk food like something from McDonald’s or Dominos or from someone else you can eat the same and click adjust the button and by one click your plan will be adjusted. Your extra calorie consumption will be adjusted by eating meals easily.

Can be used by vegetarian:

This diet plan has options that if you don’t want to consume one food item you can replace it by another and due to which it is also suitable for vegetarians as well you can replace the non-veg food item by veg very easily.

Completely natural:

Food items you are going to consume will be completely natural, no artificial medicines or drugs are included to be consumed and that’s why it doesn’t have any kind of harmful side effects.

Easy to follow:

It gives you a detailed diet plan with what to eat and what not at what time. It gives you detailed recipes with videos and food items measured accordingly so no need to check calories or portion size. That’s why everyone is easily able to follow the same.

Complete information:

You will get complete information in the diet plan not only what you will eat and what not but why you are eating the same all information about keto diet and everything.

For controlling blood sugar:

We do not consume sugar in this diet plan which is the basic reason this plan helps you to control blood sugar in a natural way without consuming and medicine artificial or natural.

Purifies blood:

It helps in reducing blood sugar as mentioned and because of that, it purifies the blood in a natural way without any medication.

Balanced blood pressure:

It helps in balancing blood pressure in a natural way without any artificial or natural medication.

Control cholesterol level:

It helps to control cholesterol levels by reducing bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol in your body in a natural way.

Energy booster:

As already mentioned we do not consume carbs and only consume fat-containing food due to which our body uses fat instead of carbs for energy and because of that we get more energy from fat then we used to get from carbs.

Affordable price:

When we compare the price of a custom keto diet plan with other diet plans or other weight loss supplements we can see that the price is lower than them and also the price has been set in such a manner that everyone can easily afford the same.

Fat melting:

As mentioned earlier you do not consume carbs and instead consume fattening food so your body uses fat for energy. It melts fat into glucose and uses the same for energy and the same results to increase in melting fat.

Custom Keto Diet Reviews

Lifelong use:

It does not have a subscription fee or every month payment if you buy the plan once you can use it for complete life easily and do not have to buy the same again and again.

Ready shopping list:

You get a pre prepared shoppers list which you just have to purchase every week accordingly.

Facebook group:

It has a Facebook group that you can join and ask whichever queries you have and it will be personally answered to you. If you don’t ask any questions and only read the Facebook chat then too you will get knowledge about so many things about keto.

No going out:

There are many diet plans available that have a compulsion of going to the gym or work out to make it work. But custom keto diet plans do not have any such compulsion. You can stay at home and exercise on your choice and if you don’t even do any exercise then too this diet plan is going to work for you.

7 days of free trial:

It gives you 7 days free trial with a payment of $1 which is probably the best thing for people who doubt diet plans that they will work or not.

Safe for everyone:

The food item you are going to consume is going to be natural so you are not going to face any side effects and that’s why it is said that it can be used by everyone.

But if you are facing any disease or any allergy then it is suggested to consult the doctor once and then use the diet plan.


If any day you don’t feel like eating anything then you can do the same and easily adjust the diet plan according to you by just clicking one button.

Results: Custom Keto Diet Reviews

Custom Keto Diet Reviews

Cons: Custom Keto Diet Reviews

Not available offline:

It is available online only and not available offline anywhere this cannot be a very big disadvantage but it can restrict some people from buying this diet plan.

But nowadays almost everyone uses the internet and buying online is common one person from every few people does use the internet so this cannot be a very big disadvantage.

No application:

This cannot be a very big side effect but you can access the diet plan only through the website because it doesn’t have any mobile application.

A mobile application could have made it easier to access the website but you can also create a shortcut for the website on your device. 

But the website they have provided is also very user friendly. You do not have zoom or scroll again and again for reading or getting details.

Contact only through email:

You are not provided with any kind of mobile number for communication you can only contact through the email you will get all details on email id only even the diet plan will only be sent on the email id only.

Some recipes are not that good:

As we know that it has so many recipes and options but every human being has their own eating habits liking and disliking so some of the recipes would not be liked by everyone and said that they are just fine and not that good.

Side effects:

As such it does not have any severe side effects or any complaint from the user but the only side effect it has is keto flu.

In the Keto diet we reduce the carbs intake and increase the fat intake in the body and due to which our body takes some time to get used to eating due to which people face symptoms like nausea, constipation, headache, dizziness, difficulty sleeping, sugar cravings, etc.

This symptom can be faced by you for around a month until the time your body gets used to the diet plan.

Who can use a custom keto diet plan?

A custom keto diet plan cannot be used by everyone. It specifically cannot be used by people who have health issues with the liver, pancreatic, thyroid gland, or gallbladder if you face any of these issues then it is suggested to consult the doctor once.

If you have any allergies then too you need to take suggestions of your doctor once.

If you are a person who improvises diet plans which are already created according to them then custom keto diet is not suggested for them because if you are going on a keto diet you have to follow what you are asked without many any kind of change in the diet.

Where to buy?

The custom keto diet is available only on its official website and it is suggested to purchase it from the official website only. If you purchase a product from its official website and you have any problem with the same then you can easily apply for the return policy of the same. If you purchase it from somewhere else then there are chances that if you don’t like the product then you wouldn’t be able to apply for the return policy. 


The custom keto diet is completely pocket friendly. You can purchase an 8-week custom keto diet plan for $37. The payment for the diet plan is a one-time payment you don’t really have to make the payment again for every month. You don’t have to pay any kind of extra fees like subscription fees or anything.

Return policy:

If a diet plan has good reviews and works for everyone then also there is no guarantee that it will work for you as well because every human body is a difference in its own way.

Custom keto diet plan gives you a 60 days return policy without any second question. You can drop an email to the customer support team and get the complete return within 60 days if you are not satisfied with the product.

Custom Keto Diet Reviews

Conclusion: Custom Keto Diet Reviews

The custom keto diet is the base of the keto diets which have been proved successful. It helps to follow the keto diet in an easier way so that everyone can get customised diet plan and achieve desired results from the same.


It is no surprise that the present lifestyle does not go hand in hand with fitness. Less leisure and more deadlines define our days. In a scenario like these, it is important to make a smart choice. I have given enough time on this subject to find out the best solution when I came up with the idea of finding a more customised solution that can be of use to everyone. Custom keto diet serves to be a one-stop solution for everyone who is in need.

The reason that you need to understand here when a product or a supplement or a diet plan fails is that you had been following something that is not customised according to your body requirements. There is no product yet available that can do magic with the same ingredient for everyone at the same pace. Keeping this in mind, always go for custom keto diet plan and this review is ideal to be followed. Based on the experiments that I did on myself, I suggest you choose a custom keto diet plan according to your calorie intake, exercise routine, age, height and weight for better results.

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is there a refund policy?

Usually, a custom keto diet plan works for everyone but every human body is different in its own way so if the diet plan doesn’t work for you you can file for return within 60 days.

You just have to mail the customer support and without any second question, you will easily get the return.

How is this plan different from others?

The other plan is the same for everyone but as the name of this plan custom, the keto diet plan says that the plan will be personally created for you according to your eating habits, your exercising habits and your calories intake.

Do you have to stop eating any food item?

No, you don’t really have to leave any food item you just have to take care of your calorie intake and for that, you have to take care that you are consuming which food item on what time and in what quantity.

Custom Keto Diet Reviews

How does a custom keto diet work?

The diet plan works on the base of keto diet so same as like keto diet it is designed in such a manner that you reduce your carbs intake and increase fat intake so your body uses fat instead of carbs for energy and burns unwanted fat of your body.

Is it suitable for the person who is suffering from diabetes?

It uses all-natural food products and no artificial medication or drugs and it also avoids sugar consumption so it can also be used by a diabetic patient.

But if you are suffering from diabetes or suffering from any other disease then it is suggested to consult a doctor once and then use the diet plan.

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