July 8, 2020
Covid 19

Covid19 – Coronavirus Disease What is it and how can I protect myself?

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A new virus called Covid19 has been identified in China in Mid November 2019. The virus is a type of Coronavirus (A virus family that causes common cold, fever, and illness). The growing of numbers of the case all over the world including in the US, the WHO declared this disease a global pandemic in March 2020. Many public, private and govt. health centres are monitoring the situation and try to find the vaccine of this disease. 

According to the research, this virus is spread from person to person. Apart from that, this virus is also spread if someone infected person coughs and sneezes from a healthy person. There are some symptoms of this disease like high fever, cough and breathing problems. Some peoples have no symptoms if they are infected by the other person. The virus symptoms may appear 2 to 14 days for exposer if the person contacted the infected person. The bad news is there is no vaccine and medicine available for this disease.

You can take some basic protective measures again coronavirus..!

Wash your hand frequently

It’s a first and important step for everyone to wash your hand when you touch any unknown object. It’s important to use a shop or alcohol-based sanitizer to wash your hands. The shop and water help to kill the virus and protect it against this virus. 

Maintain social distancing

Maintain at least a 2-meter distance between another person who is cough and sneezing constantly. When infected people cough and sneeze then they spray various tiny drops up to 2m which contain a group of variables in each drop. Apart from that, this virus can transit by breath so it’s important to make some distance from the infected person.

Avoid touching your face parts

If your habit to touch every object or handshake with others then stop this habit. You can pick the virus in your hand when you touch any surface. The hand can easily transmit it in your body when you touch it your face parts like eye, nose, and mouth. The virus can easily enter it in your body and make you infected.

Practice some hygiene types  

Make sure you have to take some precautions to prevent the coronavirus. Please cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze and cough. Please use tissue paper for sneezing and put it on the dustbin when you have used it. 

Medical Care

If you feel unwell and any type of symptoms like fever, cough and difficulty breathing then you can consult with a doctor. You can also contact local authorities regarding this issue. This will help to protect you and avoid spreading to other persons.

Stay Home

The WHO & other health service providers are requested to stay home. In this case, if you have an emergency then out from the home. If you stay at home then it will help you to protect yourself from the virus.

Follow local guidelines

Many countries have taken some steps to protect the peoples from this virus and slow down the spread of this pandemic virus. Many schools, offices, and restaurants are closed and the supermarket is open for limited hours. If your country has set this type of guideline then please follow this and protect yourself from this virus.

FAQ About Covid 19

Today, there are many questions about Coronavirus in the minds of all peoples. So today I am trying to answer those questions of yours.
All answers are sourced from the WHO’s website.



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