Clinique VS Neutrogena | Which One Is For You

A skincare routine is an indispensable part of your day-to-day beauty regime because when your skin looks better, you feel more confident and better about yourself. However, your skin’s cells start turning over slowly with age, making your skin look less radiant and duller. But, if you use a quality skincare line, it can help you remove dead skin and replace them with newer and more youthful cells. Plus, with an effective skincare routine, you can reduce wrinkles, prevent acne while keeping your skin looking its best. 

Clinique VS Neutrogena

But, when it comes to skincare, a good skincare routine is only as good as the products you use. However, if you are looking for deeply moisturized skin, you have probably heard about competition between these two brands Clinique VS Neutrogena. The skincare products by both brands are proven to hydrate the skin, combat wrinkles, and provide a healthy glow.

But, with so many similarities, it sometimes becomes challenging to understand which brand’s product you should opt for? Don’t worry, and we will cover and everything. Reading the Clinique VS Neutrogena review to know more about it.

Clinique VS Neutrogena | Let the Battle Begin of Being Best


Clinique VS Neutrogena

Clinique opened its first UK beauty counter in 1968 and has since become one of the world’s most trusted prestige beauty brands. Their idea behind introducing Clinique was that you could create great skin with the right products. And, yes, this idea marked a new era in skincare, and the rest is history. However, the Clinique is the first-ever prestige beauty brand that a dermatologist-developed.

And, all of their skincare products are 100% fragrance-free and allergy-tested. The brand debuted with 117 products. And, their 3-Step System will forever be the star of the lineup, which goes like: ‘cleansing with facial soap,’ ‘exfoliating dead skin cells with the clarifying lotion,’ and ‘hydrating and balancing the skin with moisturizer.’

Popular Clinique Products:

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Clinique VS Neutrogena

Neutrogena got started in 1930, the founder of Neutrogena, ‘ Emanuel Stolaroff,’ started it with ‘Natone.’ Natone was a small specialty cosmetic company. Initially, Natone used to supply its products to beauty salons associated with the glamour of the film industry.

However, in the 1940s, this brand began manufacturing cosmetics for the retail market and started distributing the products. Today, Neutrogena has become the #1 skincare brand that offers some of the world’s most loved beauty and skincare lines. And, they manufacture and market products in over 70 countries.

However, both of these brands have made a significant impact in the skincare industry. But we need to look at other aspects of these two brands to determine which brand is the better pick?

Popular Neutrogena Products:

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The Products Range | Clinique VS Neutrogena

If we ask you one thing, what are the things you will look for when choosing a reliable cosmetic brand for yourself? You will probably answer that it must be safe to use. Plus, it should be affordable and worth every penny. Some of you may also say that the product should last for long and be easy to apply etc.

But what if we tell you that two brands offer everything you may ask for and even much more? Yes, these two brands are Clinique and Neutrogena. All have loved both brands for several years as they provide unique skincare solutions. Let’s now look at the range of the popular products of both brands:


As we mentioned above, Clinique was the first brand in the world that got tested for allergy. However, this brand promises to beautify your skin as well as to make you look. Clinique has a wide variety of skin care products along with a broad spectrum of types and ranges.

With Clinique, you need not worry about the side effects and lousy makeup, but you can embrace your beautiful self. Here are the best-rated Clinique products that we have compiled just for you!

The most popular product by Clinique is the ‘Clinique Moisture Surge.’ This moisturizer is used for extreme hydration of the skin for both skin types, dry and oily. Dry skin people love this moisturizer because it is non-irritating.

It releases the moisture slowly throughout 2 – 3 days whereas, oily skin people love this moisturizer because it equips the soothing properties of aloe. Therefore, this moisture surge is for everyone as it is also great for sensitive skin people who tend to have broken out in skin or whose skin becomes red.


There are so many products from different brands on the market, and we generally mix and match the products from several brands to get a perfect set for our beauty regime. But, if you’re someone who wants to pick one brand to get all your products from, Neutrogena is the best choice.

Neutrogena provides you with the most effective solutions for your day-to-day routine, including acne, hair, skin, bath, and cosmetics. Here, we’re putting together a list of the best Neutrogena products for personal care.

The most popular product of the Neutrogena skin care line is the Neutrogena Hydro Boost. It is a water-based moisturizer that releases hydration over time. It can be applied as makeup because it can work as your primary moisturizer. Plus, it is oil-free, and it gets easily absorbed into the skin.

However, there is a full line of Neutrogena Hydro Boost products, including serums, cleansers, and masks and guess what? All these products are very affordable. Just like the Clinique Moisture Surge, it also works well with both dry and oily skin.

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Pros And Cons | Clinique VS Neutrogena



  • The Clinique products are said to be free from fragrance, parabens, and phthalates
  • Their products are developed to reduce forehead wrinkles and wrinkles under the eyes.
  • The brand claims that they customize products for every skin type
  • One fantastic part of the brand is that they have got a generous “gift with purchase” policy
  • Their products are flooded with so many positive reviews.


  • Some consumers who have used their product may experience breakouts
  • Plus, some products use ingredients that may have potential side effects.



  • The Neutrogena products hydrate the skin and contain SPF
  • Their products are fragrance-free and non-comedogenic
  • They use oil-free formula, and their products don’t contain dye
  • Dermatologically tested and have many positive reviews
  • Products are affordable, travel-friendly, and come up with excellent packaging.


  • Some of the products contain parabens and can be a little heavy on the skin.
  • Some products feel sticky if applied a little extra.

Ingredients | Clinique VS Neutrogena

Clinique Ingredients:

  • Aloe Vera – It helps your skin absorb and retain moisture.
  • Alpha Hydroxy Acids – It gently slough away dead skin cells and reveal smoother and brighter skin.
  • Cica – It has soothing natural benefits that help calm red and irritated skin.
  • Clinique’s exclusive CL302 Complex – It helps in reducing the dark spots and discoloration.
  • Gyokuro Green Tea – This ingredient has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce irritation and protect against future damage.
  • Hyaluronic Acid – It plumps skin with hydration that helps your skin look and feel better instantly.

Neutrogena Ingredients:

  • Argan Oil is rich in natural oils and vitamin – E that provides both hydration and antioxidant benefits to your skin.
  • Benzoyl Peroxide – It has anti-bacterial properties which help reduce bacteria which cause breakthroughs on the skin.
  • Beta Hydroxy Acids – These acids boast anti-aging abilities while reducing fine lines and improving textures.
  • Biotin – It improves the quality of hair and nails. However, you can typically apply it to the skin as the moisturizing oil.
  • Glycerin – It is a natural source of moisture. It also improves the appearance of fine lines and puffiness.

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Customer Reviews | Clinique VS Neutrogena


Gigi B. says, ” I adore, adore, adore this! My skin is dehydrated, especially in the autumn and winter. Plus, because I live in the desert, I have to moisturize and use lotions all of the time to keep my skin looking and feeling normal. This product has saved my life after only a week of regular use!

Clinique VS Neutrogena

My husband has been complimenting me on my smooth cheeks, and my skin feels better even when I’m not wearing it! Now, this is claimed to be scent-free, and yes, there is a slight chemical odor, but it dissipates after a minute. I strongly suggest it!”


Roberta says, “I was using another brand of lotion, which helped, but the Neutrogena Hydro Boost body gel cream instantly moisturized my diabetic alligator skin. Even the complex, chapped dryness on my feet and ankles had softened and appeared hydrated and healthy, which I thought was a miracle.

Clinique VS Neutrogena

The dry, painful skin on my hands was also get cured in a matter of days. I wish I could take a bath in a vat of this fantastic body gel cream! I’m hoping Neutrogena keeps this gel-cream on the market for a long time because it’s like liquid gold in a bottle for my diabetic skin.”

Conclusion | Clinique VS Neutrogena

Clinique VS Neutrogena

Let us clarify that the products’ quality of both brands is pretty much the same. Their products are also so similar in consistency and performance. But, we would be inclined to say Neutrogena is better price-tag-wise. People go for the cheap version because they like the feel, but people who like the performance go for the expensive one. But honestly, you should once go for the Neutrogena one because it is pretty similar ‘a light, gel-like consistency that has easy absorption and is fragrance-free & non-sticky.

As I mentioned, the only difference is the price tag. But if you’re still not sure, don’t worry. Clinique gives samples to try on their store and has testers so you can try them before purchasing. Similarly, Neutrogena also has testers in most of its Boots stores. So, try them and see which brand’s products suit your skin best. Hope this write-up got you clear about most of the things about Clinique VS Neutrogena!!!

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