July 8, 2020


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Don’t you hate it when your travels go wrong? Here are some things that you should watch out for when you travel! These things are compiled from personal experience and a firsthand account of friends and family.


  • Absolute horror for everyone! One of the worst things to watch out for is Bed bugs during your travels. This is especially true if you are staying in places where you are unsure of the cleaning policies and overall hygiene of the room. Check your bed linen as well as pillows for any sign of bed bugs. These critters can leave nasty bites and sometimes even diseases! Here is some information on how long do bed bug bites last. Save yourself the trouble and always bring insect repellent when you can.
  • This may not sound alarming; the majority of travellers who have been to places expect bedbugs the least of their worries. If you are staying in a 5 star or luxury boutique hotel, then this should not be a problem. But how often do we get to live in the lap of luxury? Chances are we would be in an excellent and affordable hotel or rental home.


  • absolute horror during travel is losing luggage. More often, people lose luggage because of the carrier – usually airlines and sometimes cruise ships. This often happens to airlines because of the sheer volume of baggage they contend with every single hour. That’s not to say that it is something inevitable. But, even the best and most seasoned travellers have lost their luggage.
  • To avoid this? If you can carry-on your luggage, do so! How could you even lose something in your overhead storage? Ensure that you pack cabin-friendly stuff inside your luggage since generally, airlines have a standard prohibition list for the cabin. These include sharp objects, liquids above 100ml, and in some airlines, umbrellas! If you cannot avoid checking-in your luggage, be sure to pack at least a day worth of clothes on your carry-on so that when you do lose your check-in luggage, you would still have days worth of clothes on you. The average time the airline usually locates lost luggage is around 12-24 hours.


  • Are the tourist’s mode of transportation. We usually take taxis because we prefer comfort over mass transit and trust local knowledge to know the destinations better than we do. All seems fair until you see the taxi meter. Some taxis typically overcharge fares if they feel that the tourist is not familiar with the destination. Usually, they would take the longer, more “scenic” route compared to the fastest way.
  • Avoid this, research fares through other tourist experiences or ask around with the locals to set or get a peg of the usual taxi charge towards a destination. Bear in mind that you might pay a little more than stated, but at least you would know the correct range of fares.


  • are by far the most notorious amongst all the travel nuisances. They seem to be wherever tourists are, and that is a reason – tourists are easy targets. Some tourists might even find reporting the crime all too much of a hassle and avoid it altogether. This is the opportunity the pickpockets and thieves see!
  • Avoid being victimized by pickpockets; ensure that your pants pockets aren’t too loose. Loose pockets usually benefit the pickpockets since you cannot feel your wallet or phone moving or disappearing. Having tight pockets often lends itself useful as a straightforward nudge will instantaneously give feedback that something is amiss in your pocket.
  • Thieves, ensure that you don’t bring any unnecessary valuables when travelling. Valuables attract attention, and doing so adds more risk for you in losing them. If you can, use a travel phone rather than your expensive main phone. This will minimize further the chance of you being a target for thieves. Having lesser stuff attract their attention is usually great advice, especially if going to areas where crime is rampant.
  • A rule – it would be much better to just leave all your valuables at home and only bring things which you can afford to lose or replace as they say, better safe than sorry!


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